210 Side Street Zoning By-law Amendment

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210 Side Street, Stayner


Township of Clearview Council has received an application to amend Comprehensive Zoning By-law 06-54. 

A Public Meeting date is yet to be determined by the Township. 



The purpose of the application is to rezone the subject lands from the current ‘Residential Large Lot’ (RS1) and ‘Development Area’ (DA) zones to Residential Multiple Low Density Hold’ (RS3(HX)), ‘Residential Multiple Low Density Exception Hold’ (RS3-XX(HX)) and ‘Residential High Density Exception Hold’ (RS6-XX(HX) zones. The effect of the application is to facilitate the creation of four (4) residential lots fronting onto Side Street, as well as to permit the establishment of a multi-unit residential development on the remnant portion of the subject lands that front onto Centre Street. The multi-unit residential development is to comprise of a total of 46 residential units in two (2) 3 storey buildings.

The subject lands are also subject to a Site Plan application (2020-049-SP) and Consent applications (20-B04 to 20-B07).