Site Plan Approval

Site Plan Approval is an important land use planning tool. In the site plan review process, Planners, Engineers, and other professionals work to ensure that a development is safe, functional, and attractive. Site plan review considers landscaping, stormwater management, parking, vehicular and pedestrian movement, snow storage, and other design elements. Township of Clearview Site Plan Control By-Law 07-17 designates the lands within the Township as being subject to site plan control and sets out the types of development that trigger Site Plan Control.


If you are investigating a new development opportunity and would like to find out if Site Plan Approval applies, contact the Planning Department or initiate the pre-consultation process with us. Through this process we will review your proposal relative to the Site Plan Control By-law and other local policy and determine what plans and studies would be required to form part of a complete application.

To request a pre-consultation for a Site Plan Approval application please submit the Pre-consultation Form to the Community Services Department along with the applicable fee.

Complete the Pre-consultation Request Form

Making Formal Application

If you have completed the pre-consultation process with us, the Site Plan Approval Application form must be completed and submitted along with the applicable fee and all necessary supporting materials. More information on how to submit a complete application can be found in the Clearview Development Application Guideline.

Read the Clearview Development Application Guideline