Boards and Committees

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month unless rescheduled. The Clearview Accessibility Advisory Committee (CAAC) for persons with disabilities is committed to raising community awareness of all disabilities and identifying issues that will lead to the elimination of the barriers for persons with disabilities.

Avening Hall Board

The Avening Hall is a little old hall in the hamlet of Avening, about an hour north of Toronto on Airport Road and a short paddle down the Mad River from Creemore, Ontario.

Brentwood Hall Board

The Brentwood Hall is an ideal location for family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries and programs. An old schoolhouse built in 1874, it was converted into a hall to serve the community of Brentwood.

Clearview Public Library Board

The Clearview Public Library provides library services to the residents of the Township of Clearview and through contracts to the residents of the Townships of Adjala-Tosorontio and Mulmur.

Clearview Youth Centre Advisory Committee

Clearview Youth Centre Advisory Committee will be a committee of community orientated volunteers, geared towards advocating on behalf of all youth in Clearview.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee's mandate is to act as a quasi judicial body and hear Applications for "Minor Variances" and “Consents”. A Minor Variance occurs where a requirement of a Zoning By-law cannot be met (under Section 45 of the Planning Act).

Committee of Revision

The Committee of Revision is a committee of Council that hears from property owners who make submissions to the Committee regarding any proposed adjustments to proposed Capital Cost Recovery Charges to be collected with respect to an individual propert

Creemore Business Improvement Area

Section 204 of the Municipal Act, 2001 allows a local municipality to designate an area as an improvement area and may establish a board of management,

Creemore Log Cabin & Jail Service Board

The Creemore Log Cabin Board is an administrative board dealing with the operations and promotion of the Creemore Log Cabin.

Creemore Station on the Green Board

A multi-purpose activity centre featuring a heritage railway design and providing a community focal point, the Station on the Green is the newest landmark in historic Creemore.

Dunedin Village Hall Board

Nestled next to the Noisy River and Dunedin Park, this hall provides a unique backdrop for any event/function with seating for moderate sized functions and a beautiful hardwood floor.  

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee provides feedback, recommendations, and vision to Council to address priority Economic Development issues and opportunities in the Townships business community while maintaining focus on the five key pillars

Hall Board Chairs

The Chair position of each small hall in Clearview, occasionally meet to converse commonalities among the Hall Boards and discuss the challenges and triumphs each have experience

Joint Compliance Audit Committee

The Joint Compliance Audit Committee is an adjudicative body established to examine instances where election participants (including candidates, third party advertisers, and campaign contributors), appear to have contravened rules and limits establishe

Lavender Cemetery Board

Meeting Schedule The Lavender Cemetery Board holds meetings at the call of the Chair and the public is welcome to attend. the scheduled meetings to date are as follows:

Nottawa Memorial Community Centre Board

The Nottawa Memorial Community Center, located in the heart of the village of Nottawa, has served as a gathering place for the community and surrounding residents for over 60 years.

Property Standards Committee

The Property Standards Committee considers appeals from owners or occupants who have been served with an order in regards to property standards made under subsection 15.2 (2) of the Building Code Act.

Sunnidale Corners Community Centre Board

A beautiful, thriving Community Hall in the heart of Clearview Township. Beautiful high ceilings, stage, wooden floors and a newly renovated kitchen. A perfect place for a variety of functions and events. 

The Duntroon Hall Board

Hauled overland by a flotilla of livestock trucks and hay wagons drawn by farm tractors, community members of old Nottawasaga Township brought home to their “capital” the building that would become the new centre for their municipal government and the