A Zoning By-law is a land use planning tool that regulates land uses within the Township. The current Zoning By-law was adopted by Township Council in 2006, and has had a number of housekeeping and site specific amendments since that time. The Zoning By-law sets out a number of general provisions and also establishes a series of zone categories that regulate permitted uses and site and building regulations. The Zoning By-law works to ensure mutual enjoyment of private property and to implement the land use vision of the Official Plan.

Property Surveys
Property surveys can be obtained from the Land Registry Office online at www.onland.ca

The Township of Clearview Comprehensive Zoning By-law Text and Map Schedules can be downloaded using the following links:

Planning Zoning By-LawDownload PDFConsolidation Date
Section 1 - Interpretation & AdministrationDOWNLOADAugust 2022
Section 2 - General ProvisionsDownloadAugust 2022
Section 3 - ZonesDownloadAugust 2022
Section 4 - DefinitionsDownloadAugust 2022
Consolidated Copy of Zoning By-law 06-54 - September 21 2021
DownloadAugust 2022
Schedule E Hold Exceptions and Conditions for RemovalDownloadJuly 2015
Temporary Uses Amendment IndexDownloadJuly 2015
Cannabis Operations Interim Control By-Law 20-64Download 
Architectural Control Plan By-lawDownload PDFBy-law Date
Architectural Control Plan - Infill LotsDownloadApril 2019
Map SchedulesDownload PDF
A1 - Rural WestDownload
A2 - Rural EastDownload
B1 - North Nottawa AreaDownload
B2 - South Nottawa AreaDownload
B3 - BatteauxDownload
B4 - North West Stayner AreaDownload
B5 - South West Stayner AreaDownload
B6 - North East Stayner AreaDownload
B7 - South East Stayner AreaDownload
B8 - Central Stayner AreaDownload
B9 - Duntroon AreaDownload
B10 - Sunnidale Corners AreaDownload
B11 - Singhampton AreaDownload
B12 - Glen Huron AreaDownload
B13 - Dunedin AreaDownload
B14 - Northwest Creemore AreaDownload
B15 - Southwest Creemore AreaDownload
B16 - East Creemore AreaDownload
B16A - Alliance Creemore AreaDownload
B17 - Avening AreaDownload
B18 - Old Sunnidale AreaDownload
B19 - West New Lowell AreaDownload
B20 - Brentwood AreaDownload
B21 - East New Lowell AreaDownload
C1 - Stayner Historic Downtown CoreDownload
C2 - Creemore Historic Downtown CoreDownload
D - Parking ScheduleDownload
E - Hold Exceptions & Conditions for RemovalDownload