A Zoning By-law is a land use planning tool that regulates land uses within the Township. The current Zoning By-law was adopted by Township Council in 2006, and has had a number of housekeeping and site specific amendments since that time. The Zoning By-law sets out a number of general provisions and also establishes a series of zone categories that regulate permitted uses and site and building regulations. The Zoning By-law works to ensure mutual enjoyment of private property and to implement the land use vision of the Official Plan.

The Township of Clearview Comprehensive Zoning By-law Text and Map Schedules can be downloaded using the following links:

Planning Zoning By-LawDownload PDFConsolidation Date
Section 2 - General ProvisionsDownloadDecember 2017
Section 3 - ZonesDownloadDecember 2017
Section 4 - DefinitionsDownloadDecember 2017
Consolidated Copy of Zoning By-law 06-54 - December 5 2017
DownloadDecember 2017
Schedule E Hold Exceptions and Conditions for RemovalDownloadJuly 2015
Temporary Uses Amendment IndexDownloadJuly 2015
Architectural Control Plan By-lawDownload PDFBy-law Date
Architectural Control Plan - Infill LotsDownloadApril 2019
Map SchedulesDownload PDF
A1 - Rural WestDownload
A2 - Rural EastDownload
B1 - North Nottawa AreaDownload
B2 - South Nottawa AreaDownload
B3 - BatteauxDownload
B4 - North West Stayner AreaDownload
B5 - South West Stayner AreaDownload
B6 - North East Stayner AreaDownload
B7 - South East Stayner AreaDownload
B8 - Central Stayner AreaDownload
B9 - Duntroon AreaDownload
B10 - Sunnidale Corners AreaDownload
B11 - Singhampton AreaDownload
B12 - Glen Huron AreaDownload
B13 - Dunedin AreaDownload
B14 - Northwest Creemore AreaDownload
B15 - Southwest Creemore AreaDownload
B16 - East Creemore AreaDownload
B16A - Alliance Creemore AreaDownload
B17 - Avening AreaDownload
B18 - Old Sunnidale AreaDownload
B19 - West New Lowell AreaDownload
B20 - Brentwood AreaDownload
B21 - East New Lowell AreaDownload
C1 - Stayner Historic Downtown CoreDownload
C2 - Creemore Historic Downtown CoreDownload
D - Parking ScheduleDownload
E - Hold Exceptions & Conditions for RemovalDownload