Tax Certificates

A Tax Certificate is a legal document that includes information such as the legal description, current installments, arrears and local improvements, if any. Tax Certificates confirm property tax balances and are usually ordered prior to a sale, purchase or the refinancing of a property.

The Township will electronically provide a Tax Certificate within 5-7 business days from the received request and payment for the standard fee of $75.00, or for a RUSH fee of $100.00 per roll number the Tax Certificate can be provided electronically within 1 business day from the received request and payment.

Please note that we do not provide verbal tax information.

Please send your request (including the roll number and full legal description) with payment to:

Email Address:


Mailing Address:
Township of Clearview
PO BOX 200
217 Gideon St
Stayner ON L0M 1S0