Development Charges

Development charges are fees levied against development projects to help financially support the cost of municipal infrastructure to service growth. This infrastructure may include water, wastewater and stormwater pipes, roads and sidewalks. All property within the Township is subject to development charges. The amount of the development charges varies by service area. 

2019 Development Charges Update

Draft Development Charges Pamphlet - June 24, 2019 (Proposed) 

Release: Clearview Council Adopts New Development Charges By-law, June 24, 2019

Development Charge Pamphlet

2019 Development Charges- Clearview Township

2019 Development Charges- Simcoe County

2019 Development Charges- School Boards

Development Charge Statements

2017 Development Charge Statement

2016 Development Charge Statement

Development Charge Background Study

The Development Charges Background Study is a requirement of the Development Charges Act 1997, and must be completed every five years.

2019 DC Background Study

2014 Development Charge Study

2014 Development Charge Study Update to Stayner Wastewater

2014 Clearview Development Charges By-law

Additional Information on Development Charges