Official Plan

The Township of Clearview Official Plan is a 20-year vision document for how the Township will grow and develop. The Official Plan contains all of the Township’s growth and development goals and objectives. It also sets out land use designations for lands within the municipality, such as residential, commercial, and industrial designations. These categories establish permitted uses and other criteria for development proposed within each land use. The vision set out in the Official Plan is implemented through the Zoning By-law.

All planning staff opinions and decisions made by Township Council must conform with the Official Plan.

For more information on Official Plans as land use planning tools, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Citizens’ Guides to Official Plans.

The Township of Clearview Official Plan Text and Map Schedules can be downloaded using the following links:

Clearview Township Official Plan Text

Land Use Designations:

Use the tables below to identify your land use designation.

Map AreaView Map
Official Plan- Schedule A- All of ClearviewDownload map
Official Plan- Central WestDownload map
Official Plan- North CentralDownload map
Official Plan- North EastDownload map
Official Plan- North WestDownload map
Official Plan- South CentralDownload map
Official Plan- South EastDownload map
Official Plan- South WestDownload map
Map AreaView Map
Official Plan- Schedule A1- CreemoreDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A2- New LowellDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A3- StaynerDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A3.1- Stayner- Church CampDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A4- AveningDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A5- BrentwoodDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A6- DunedinDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A7- Glen HuronDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A8- DuntroonDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A9- SinghamptonDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A10- NottawaDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A11- BatteauxDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A12- Old SunnidaleDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A13- Sunnidale CornersDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A14- Devil's Glen Rec, DistrictDownload map
Official Plan- Schedule A15- Black Ash CreekDownload map

Amending the Official Plan

There are times when it is necessary to amend the Official Plan to facilitate development that is not already envisioned in 20-year planning horizon. If you would like to investigate an Official Plan Amendment, we invite you to initiate the pre-consultation process with us. Through this process, staff will review your proposal relative to Provincial and upper-tier policy, and determine what plans and studies would be required to form part of a complete application.


To request a pre-consultation for a Official Plan Amendment application please submit the Pre-consultation Form to the Community Services Department along with the applicable fee.

Complete the Pre-Consultation Request Form

Making Formal Application

If you have completed the pre-consultation process with us, the Official Plan Amendment form must be completed and submitted along with the applicable fee and all necessary supporting materials. More information on how to submit a complete application can be found in the Clearview Development Application Guideline.

Read the Clearview Development Application Guideline