Amending Your Zoning

There are times when it is necessary to amend the Zoning By-law for housekeeping matters or to facilitate site-specific development.


If you would like to investigate a Zoning By-law Amendment, we invite you to initiate the pre-consultation process with us. Through this process we will review your proposal relative to Provincial, upper-tier, and local policy and determine what plans and studies would be required to form part of a complete application.

To request a pre-consultation for a Zoning By-law Amendment application please submit the Pre-consultation Form for a Zoning By-law Amendment Application to the Community Services Department along with the applicable fee.

Complete the Pre-consultation Request Form

Making Formal Application

If you have completed the pre-consultation process with us, the Zoning By-law Amendment Application form should be completed and submitted along with the applicable fee and all necessary supporting materials. More information on how to submit a complete application can be found in the Clearview Development Application Guideline.

Read the Clearview Development Application Guideline