Stayner Downtown Gazebo

Stayner Downtown Improvement Plan

In early 2018, Clearview Township contracted Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. to design a downtown improvement plan for the Town of Stayner. The consultant hosted a variety of workshops and community consultation sessions with members of Council, residents, downtown business owners and community partners. 

  • The draft plan was presented to Council and the public at an open house information session on May 28th, 2018.
  • The Centennial Park & Open Spaces Project Landscape Drawings were presented to Council on March 22, 2021.
Draft Designs

The draft designs can be viewed within the documents below: 

Stayner Downtown Draft Designs

Centennial Park & Open Spaces Project - Lanscape View

Next Steps
Staff are now presently meeting stakeholders to finalize access agreements and finalizing tender documents.  A tender for construction should be released in 2021. 
Submit Comments
A major component of the downtown improvement plan is to provide an ongoing opportunity for residents, business owners, community partners and stakeholders to provide input.
Comments can be submitted by email or in writing to: 
Clearview Township
Attention: Terry Vachon
General Manager of Parks, Culture & Recreation