Sump Pump Safety Tips

The sump pump, often the unsung hero of home maintenance, is usually left to fend for itself against flooding. But like any other piece of equipment, it should be installed properly and needs ongoing maintenance. Especially during the Spring season when we experience the winter thaw and rising water levels.

The rise in water levels can cause sump pumps to work overtime, sometimes causing them to overheat. The risk of fire is real, and overheating can result in serious consequences, both physical and financial.

There are some general tips that you can follow to help prevent sump pumps from overheating:

  1. Only use sump pumps with overheating switches
  2. Have the pump plugged into its own circuit
  3. Repair issues as they occur
  4. Look and listen for signs that the sump pump needs repaired or replaced
  5. Have the pump serviced by a professional
  6. Keep combustibles (i.e. paint thinner gasoline) away from the sump pump area
  7. Look inside for visible debris or dirt/silt that could clog the float switch system
  8. Ensure the motor isn’t tilted
  9. Keep the battery back up charged

A few minutes each Spring and Fall will go a long way toward sump pump safety and preventing the sump pump from overheating.