Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. Utilities can be out, roads closed, and crucial supplies unavailable. While local, provincial and federal officials prepare for emergencies, individuals can plan to be prepared at home and at work. 

With increased levels of fear and anxiety throughout Canada and the world, it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected. Everyone should be prepared to take care of themselves and their families for up to three days in the event of an emergency or disaster. For example, it could take that long to clear roads due to a severe winter storm. 

The Government of Canada has prepared a separate website GetPrepared.ca to outline what individuals and families need to have prepared to survive an emergency for 72 hours. Please take a moment to browse the emergency preparedness tips and websites listed here for more information about the emergency preparedness program and what you can do to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Build Your Emergency Kit

For immediate notifications about emergency alerts issues by the Township of Clearview you can subscribe to email notifications at any time. An RSS Feed of current Emergency Alerts is also available for use within your chosen RSS Reader, the RSS Feed can be found here.

Emergency Response Plan

To protect residents, businesses and visitors, Clearview Township requires a coordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Community Control Group. 

The Clearview Township Emergency Management Committee developed an Emergency Response Plan. Every official, municipal department and agency must be prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency.

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