Subdivision & Condo

The subdivision of land is the process of taking one piece of land and dividing it into 3 or more pieces with the intention of ultimately selling or transferring ownership one or more pieces. Land ownership may also be subdivided through a condominium process. To subdivide land, you need approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Plan of Condominium from the Township of Clearview, and subsequently, meet the requirements of the conditions of approval and obtain final approval to register the lots.

Subdivision approval is important as it ensures that the following issues have been considered:

  1. The suitability of the land for the purposes for which it is being subdivided;
  2. The dimensions and shapes of the proposed lots;
  3. The adequacy of utilities and municipal services; and
  4. The existing uses of all adjoining lands.

The subdivision and condominium processes are complex and involve several phases including draft approval, final approval and subdivision administration.  Once the subdivision or condominium is approved there are requirements which continue to apply to the developer and land owners as set out in a subdivision agreement registered on title. The municipality has also incorporated lot grading securities into the development approval process. Property owners in new subdivisions can move into their homes prior to the completion of lot grading where specific exemptions are granted. However, property owners in new subdivisions cannot construct items such as decks, pools, and fences prior to receiving final lot grading approval.

For more information about the subdivision of land, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Citizens’ Guide to Subdivisions.


If you would like to investigate subdividing your land, we invite you to initiate the pre-consultation process with us. Through this process we will review your proposal relative to Provincial, upper-tier, and local policy and determine what plans and studies would be required to form part of a complete application.

To request a pre-consultation for Subdivision/Condominium application please submit the Pre-consultation Form to the Community Services Department along with the applicable fee.

Complete the Pre-consultation Request Form

Making Formal Application

If you have completed the pre-consultation process with us, the formal Subdivision/Condominium Application form must be completed and submitted along with the applicable fee and all necessary supporting materials. More information on how to submit a complete application can be found in the Clearview Development Application Guideline.

Read the Clearview Development Application Guideline