Animal Services

The By-Law department is responsible for animal control within the Township.  

Dog Pickup and Pound Services

If your dog is picked up by the By-Law department, all efforts will be made to locate the owner through information on the dog tag. If the owner cannot be located or contacted, or if the dog does not have a tag, the dog will be transported the Alliston District Humane Society.

Alliston District Humane Society

5545 Concession 4,
Box 1455 Tosorontio Township,
Everett, Ontario, L0M 1J0

Pound Manager 705-890-6717

Dogs maybe claimed upon arrangement according to the following schedule:

Monday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am – 12pm (noon)
Statutory Holidays: Closed

To determine if your dog has been taken to the pound please contact By-law and Canine Control at 705-428-6230 Ext 272.

Clearview Township has an impoundment charge. Therefore, if your dog is picked up by Township staff for running at large and is taken to the pound, a pick-up charge and impoundment charge would apply in addition to any fees assessed by the pound keeper.

Document: Impoundment Charges

Bites or Attacks   

The Township’s By-law Enforcement and Canine Control Office have a shared responsibility with the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate all reported dog bites and attacks. 

The Township staff presently has a protocol with the police that the Township will investigate all such incidents. The regulating legislation is the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and its Regulations which can be viewed at

Domesticated Animals  

The Township presently only controls dogs and farm animals that trespass. We do not have a cat by-law or regulate or control any other domestic animals.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Humane Society concerning the finding of stray or injured domesticated animals.  

Wild Animals   

The Township does not control or provide any service for the control of wild animals. If wild animals become a nuisance, residents are encouraged to contact the Ministry of Natural Resources.

For information and advice contact the Ministry of Natural Resources Midhurst District office at (705) 725-7500. If wild animals present a danger then please call the police 911.