Planning and Zoning

Zoning & Land Use Planning

The purpose of land use planning is to manage our land and resources. As communities grow and develop, Planning Professionals work to ensure that communities are safe, functional, attractive, and economically sustainable. Land use planning considers and works to balance the broader interests of a community, from the rural outskirts to the urban downtown core. Land use planning is governed by the principles of good planning and by Provincial, upper-tier, and local policy. Land use planning processes are legislated by the Ontario Planning Act.

On a broad scale, the purpose of land use planning is to build complete communities with the social and physical infrastructure needed to support overall citizen health. More narrowly, planning regulates the siting and sizing of structures and land uses in order to achieve the larger goals of the community. Planning is aimed at building resilient, cohesive communities, while supporting the rights of landowners to mutual enjoyment of their properties.