Firefighter at work

Emergency Services

The Clearview Fire and Emergency Services Department provides a variety of emergency response services to Clearview Township. The department operates out of five strategically placed fire stations with approximately 100 paid-on-call firefighters serving the municipality under direction of the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. 

The department also provides emergency response services to neighbouring municipalities through the Simcoe County mutual fire aid system.

Burn Permits 

All property owners, interested in having an outdoor fire in Clearview Township are required to purchase a Burn Permit. 

Purchase a Burn Permit

Public Engagement & Education

The Clearview Fire and Emergency Services Department actively provides public engagement, outreach and education through a variety of formats. For example, the department visits schools in the Township on an annual basis to teach fire safety and home safety about dangerous substances and chemicals commonly found within a home.

The department is also active within the community attending many events and festivals for both public engagement and medical coverage.

In addition, the department participates in Fire Prevention Week with the National Fire Prevention Association.