Dust Suppressant - Tender Number 2020-01

Closing date: 
Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 13:00
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The Corporation of the Township of Clearview (Township) is calling for complete Tenders from qualified Proponents for the placement of Dust Suppressant on various gravel roads within the Township of Clearview. The Contractor shall perform all the general work covered by the scope of project.

The provisions of Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications OPSS 2501- “Materials Specification for Calcium Chloride” or OPSS 2503- “Materials Specification for Magnesium Chloride” current on the date of tender shall apply.

Township of Clearview has approximately 200 kilometres of gravel roads. Approximately 80% of the supplied product is to be applied continuously on through roads using straight trucks/tractor trailers, approximately 20% is to be spot applied on dead end roads/parking lots, etc. using tri-axle trucks and pups or as directed by the Township Director of Public Works or his representative to any roads in the Municipality.

The Bidder’s truck must be capable of accurately controlling the application rate from 5,250L/km to 10,500L/km and must be able to provide a spread width of between 2.4 metres to 3.0 metres. Bidders must be able to supply up to 55,000L per day if given 48 hours notice by the Township. The Township will indicate when ordering a load, which type of vehicle is required for the day. The Township may cancel any load without notice due to weather conditions, the bidder will not seek compensation for such cancellation.

All delivery costs shall be included in the unit price. The Township takes ownership of the product upon delivery completion at the Township Site. All Products shall also have received the approval of the Road Authority and shall in addition meet the following criteria:

• For liquid calcium chloride- minimum 35% by weight of calcium
• For liquid magnesium chloride-minimum 30% by weight of magnesium chloride
• For other liquid calcium/magnesium composites- yield a combined calcium chloride equivalency of not less than 35% calcium chloride using industry or MTO Standards or equivalency ratings.

The supplier shall be responsible for supplying representative certificates of analysis and other necessary documentation to confirm compliance with the above specifications.

• 1 Flake Metric Tonne (35% Calcium Chloride) = 1632 litres
• 1 Flake Metric Tonne (30% Magnesium Chloride) = 1632 litres

Approximately 572,000 Litres shall be supplied and applied on Township roads. The quantity indicated is an estimate based on expectations under normal conditions. The amount may be adjusted to accommodate weather conditions or any other uncontrollable items, the contractor agrees to honour the unit prices as quoted in this tender.

*Lowest or Any Tender Not Necessarily Accepted. *

All inquiries concerning this Tender including specifications, process and results are to be directed in writing (e-mail) through:

Dan Perreault, C.E.T.
Deputy Director of Public Works

The Township of Clearview
(705) 428-6230 ext. 230

Inquiries shall not be directed to any other Township employees.