Community Improvement Plan

Thank you for your interest in the Clearview Township Community Improvement Plan (CIP). Our CIP allows the Township to provide funding for façade and streetscape upgrades to local businesses to revitalize the community and foster economic development. These improvements will help to attract residents and visitors to the downtown areas and community entrances. Often these spaces dictate the feel and appeal of an entire community, which is why it is critical that they reflect a healthy image and express community pride. Please see below for more information on the CIP including its Grant Program Application Form and other resources.


The Intake Period for 2022 requires a completed application and two quotes.
Completed applications can be submitted in person at the Clearview Township Administration Centre, 217 Gideon Street, Stayner or emailed to Mara Burton, Director of Community Services at:


  • Attach all quotes
  • Ensure items are quoted separately in case one item is funded and another is not
  • Improvements applied for should be the kind that would be visible in before and after photos
  • Traditional classic elements are more likely to be funded
  • Quality elements are more likely to be funded;  for example, replacing a flat sign for another flat sign is not likely to be funded
  • Please keep in mind that this is not an energy efficiency program, it is a façade improvement/beautification program, and as such, items like the replacement of energy efficient windows is not part of the funding


- Community Improvement Plan Application: Download
- Facade Guidelines: Download
- CIP Information Presentation: Download
- Staff Report to Council: Download
- Flyer: Download
- Signage & Lighting Examples: Download
- CIP Quick Guide: Download
- Community Improvement Plan Download


If you require assistance or have a question, please contact: 
Mara Burton
Director, Community Services
705-428-230 ext. 264