Clearview Public Library Stayner Branch

News Release - Clearview Public Library Provides Access to 7,000+ Publications Through Press Reader

Date Published: 
April 7 2021

The Clearview Public Library has added a new addition to its online resources. Through the Press Reader application, Clearview residents can now access over 7,000 publications in a variety of languages. 

Library members can read publications such as Canada’s national daily newspapers, city and regional papers, and major papers in other countries. Magazines from Canada and around the world are also available.  

The Press Reader database of publications can be accessed online or by downloading the Press Reader app. Remote access is available using your library card barcode number and PIN number. 

For details please visit, click on Online Resources and E-Newspapers and Magazines

For more information, please contact: 

Jennifer La Chapelle
CEO, Clearview Public Library

(705) 428-3595