Old Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Also known as: 
Sunnidale Pioneer / Old Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Township Owned: 

This was the first burial ground for the early pioneers of the township of Clearview. Prior to this, the dead were buried on their own properties. Since 1897, it had become unused and in complete disrepair by the year 1970. This prompted many complaints and a new by-law (#1282 “The Cemetery Act”) was instated by the township. This act made sure that the cemetery was cleaned up, fallen graves were removed and many trees were taken down. The stones were then cleaned and arranged in a semi-circle at the front of the property. Restoration was fully completed on July 10, 1975. Flowers that are located in front of the stones were planted by the Brentwood Horticultural Society.

“Sunnidale Looks at Yesterday: A history of Sunnidale Township Council” 1984 / “Let’s Reminisce About Nottawasaga: The Story of Sunnidale (1860-1960)” Simcoe County Archives, Accession number B1 RZA S1 Sh1