Staff Directory

Some staff are working remotely, please leave a phone message and your call will be returned.

Department Title Name Phone Email addresssort descending
Recreation  Youth Centre Assistant Abbey Macaulay 705-428-5500
Recreation  Community Culture and Tourism Coordinator  Amanda Murray  705-428-6013 x 504
Building Building Planning Assistant Lexi Phillips 705-428-6230 ext.232
Public Works  Development Implementation Technologist Baz Dokainish 705-428-6230 x 233
Clerks Deputy Clerk Brenda Falls 705-428-6230 x 223
Public Works  Public Works Clerk  Brenda Mazaris 705-428-6230 x 301
Recreation  Youth Centre Assistant Carson Arrigo 705-428-5500
Finance Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Carla Kindness 705-428-6230 x 253
Clerks Committee Coordinator  Cayla Reimer  705-428-6230 x 254
Planning and Development  Planning and Development Technician  Christine Taggart  705-428-6230 x 238
Public Works  Water/Sewer Lead Hand  Derek Eagles  705-428-6230 x 301
Recreation  Recreation Facilities Supervisor Dan Gowan  705-466-3000
Communications Communications and Marketing Coordinator Drew Hale 705-428-6230 x 240
Public Works  Water and Sewer Foreman Dale Lightheart 705-428-6230 x 303
Public Works  Deputy Director of Public Works Dan Perreault 705-428-6230 x 230
Finance Finance Assistant Donna Wallace 705-428-6230 x 239
Finance Financial Analyst Emmie Carlson  705-428-6230 x 229
Public Works  Public Works Administrative Assistant Fawne Breedon 705-428-6230 x 266
Communications Administrative Assistant to the Mayor and CAO Jennifer Cain-Percy 705-428-6230 x 245
IT  GIS/IT Technician  Janet Chester  705-428-6230 x 265
Recreation  Parks and Recreation Clerk  Jessica Co'Dyre  705-428-6013 x 501
CAO CAO John Ferguson 705-428-6230 x 228
Public Library  CEO Public Library  Jennifer LaChapelle  705-428-3595
Building Plans Examiner Jennifer Laube 705-428-6230 x 244
Public Works  Roads Foreman  Joel Newman 705-428-6230 x 304
By-law Senior By-Law Enforcement Officer Joseph Paddock 705-428-6230 x 241
By-law By-law Enforcement Officer Kevin Harrod 705-428-6230 x 260
Finance Treasurer  Kelly McDonald  705-428-6230 x 236
Recreation  Community, Culture and Tourism Assistant Lily White 705-428-6013 x 507
Fire Department  Fire Prevention Officer Megan Bernath 705-428-6230 x 404
Planning and Development  Director Community Services  Mara Burton  705-428-6230 x 264
Building Building Inspector Miranda Murray 705-428-6230 x 252
Public Works  Director of Public Works Mike Rawn  705-428-6230 x 243
IT  IT Coordinator  Miglena Valeva  705-428-6230 x 263
Planning and Development  Community Planner  Nick Ainley 705-428-6230 x 242
Finance Tax Collector Pam Childs 705-428-6230 x 227
Finance Deputy Treasurer Ron Mather 705-428-6230 x 225
Fire Department  Fire Chief  Roree Payment  705-428-6230 x 402
Planning and Development  Community Planner  Rossalyn Workman  705-428-6230 x 248
Clerks Records Management Coordinator  Sarah Corbett 705-428-6230 x 246
Fire Department  Deputy Fire Chief Scott Davison 705-428-6230 x 403
Fire Department  Fire Administrative Assistant Sandra Doyle 705-428-6230 x 401
Clerks Director of Legislative Services / Municipal Clerk Sasha Helmkay 705-428-6230 x 224
Recreation  Youth Centre Coordinator Shannon McCormick 705-428-5500
Building Chief Building Official Scott McLeod 705-428-6230 x 231
Building Building Inspector Scott Pattison 705-428-6230 x 234
Finance Property Tax Services Assistant  Susette Sampson  705-428-6230 x 222
Public Works  Compliance / QMS Coordinator  Stephanie Schell  705-428-6230 x 306
Finance Property Tax Services Tax Inquires 705-428-6230 x 273
HR  Human Resources Manager  Tammy Gill  705-428-6230 x 255
Public Works  Public Works Manager   Todd Patton  705-428-6230 x 302
Recreation  General Manager Parks, Culture and Recreation  Terry Vachon  705-428-6013 x 502