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Emergency Response Registry 

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The purpose of the Emergency Response Registry program is to provide the Clearview Fire Department staff with very important and key information that can assist in the emergency response to a person with a disability.
The Emergency Response Registry program is a proactive program designed to collect pertinent information regarding residents with disabilities that can be used by responders. This information can dictate how to best serve the resident based on their specific needs. It will also provide key size up information that can be used in an emergency that may be posing immediate threat of life.
The Emergency Response Registry Form can be downloaded from Applications and Forms                               

Burn Permits

All property owners in non-settlement areas must obtain a Burn Permit prior any open air burning at their property. Open air burn permits cost $10.00 per property and are valid from January 1st to December 31st. Please note that Clearview By-law #14-06 outlines the times and locations that fire may be set in open air and the precautions to be observed by persons setting such fires.

Burning is permitted using a fire appliance by permit in the settlement areas of Nottawa, New Lowell, Creemore and Stayner. Both By-law Enforcement and the Fire Department can enforce and lay fines for open air fire offences.

To determine if your property is within the boundary of one of the settlement areas or if you have further questions, please contact Clearview Fire and Emergency Services at (705) 428-4355.

To obtain a burn permit, residents of Clearview Township must obtain an application at the Clearview Township Administration Office located at 217 Gideon Street, Stayner ON.  For more information, call (705) 428-6230.  

The Open Air Burn By-Law can be downloaded from Publications

Emergency Services Stations  


 Emergency Hub and Fire Administration Centre
Station 1 - Stayner
6993 Hwy 26
(705) 428-4355

station 1


 Station 4 - Creemore
7655 County Road 9

station 4


Station 6 - Nottawa
95 Batteaux Sideroad

station 6


Station 3- New Lowell
5212 County Road 9

station 3



Station 5 - Singhampton 
70403 County Road 124

station 5






The Fire Dispatch Boundary can be downloaded from Publications 
The Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation can be downloaded from Publications

Emergency Response Plan 

In order to protect residents, businesses and visitors, the Township of Clearview requires a coordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Community Control Group. 
The Township of Clearview Emergency Management Committee developed an Emergency Response Plan.  Every official, municipal department and agency must be prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency. 
For a copy of the emergency plan click here                       

Emergency  Plans & Kits

The Government of Canada has prepared a separate website to outline what individuals and families need to have prepared to survive an emergency for 72 hours.