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One of the southern most municipalities in the Georgian Triangle, Clearview was established on January 1, 1994 by the amalgamation of the four municipalities of the Town of Stayner, the Village of Creemore, and the Townships of Nottawasaga and Sunnidale.

Clearview Township is less than one hour from Toronto and the Pearson International Airport. Visitors will enjoy the quaint and quiet charm of rural Clearview Township and experience some of the most appealing scenery and natural beauty in the Georgian Triangle. Residents enjoy clean safe communities, quality homes, beautiful surroundings, great business
opportunities, interesting shops, good schools; everything that a family needs.

Our Administration Centre is located at 217 Gideon Street in Stayner and is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Telephone(705) 428-6230, Fax: (705) 428-0288

For emergencies after hours for roads and water please call (705) 445-2100
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Building Planning/Building Assistant Jennifer Laube 705-428-6230 x 232 
Building Building Inspector Ron Pittendreigh 705-428-6230 x 244 
Building Chief Building Official Scott McLeod 705-428-6230 x 231 
Building Building Inspector Scott Pattison 705-428-6230 x 234 
By-law Senior By-Law Enforcement Officer Joseph Paddock 705-428-6230 x 241 
By-law By-law / Fire Prevention Officer Michelle Davies 705-428-6230 x 260 
CAO CAO Steve Sage 705-428-6230 x 228 
Clerks Deputy Clerk Brenda Falls 705-428-6230 x 223 
Clerks Director, Legislative Services / Municipal Clerk Pamela Fettes 705-428-6230 x 224 
Clerks Administrative Assistant to CAO/Mayor Sarah Tuck 705-428-6230 x 245 
Clerks Records Management Coordinator Sasha Helmkay 705-428-6230 x 246 
Communications Communications / Marketing Coordinator Tim Hendry 705-428-6230 x 240 
Finance Director of Finance / Treasurer Edward Henley 705-428-6230 x 225 
Finance Payroll and Benefits Administrator Emmie Carlson 705-428-6230 x 229 
Finance Finance Assistant Katharine Middleton 705-428-6230 x 239 
Finance Deputy-Treasurer Kelly McDonald 705-428-6230 x 236 
Finance Tax Collector Lynn Williams 705-428-6230 x 227 
Finance Property Tax Services Assistant Susette Sampson 705-428-6230 x 222 
Fire Department Fire Chief Colin Shewell 705-428-6230 x 403 
Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Roree Payment 705-428-6230 x 402 
Fire Department Fire Department Administrative Assistant Stephanie Ward 705-428-6230 x 401 
HR Human Resources Manager Tammy Gill 705-428-6230 x 255 
IT GIS/IT Technician Janet Chester 705-428-6230 x 265 
IT IT Coordinator Miglena Valeva 705-428-6230 x 263 
Planning and Development Planning and Development Technician Christine Taggart 705-428-6230 x 238 
Planning and Development Director Community Services Mara Burton 705-428-6230 x 264 
Planning and Development Development Planner Marie Leroux 705-428-6230 x 233 
Planning and Development Development Planner Rossalyn Workman 705-428-6230 x 248 
Public Library CEO Public Library Jennifer LaChapelle 705-428-3595 
Public Works Public Works Clerk Brenda Mazaris 705-428-6230 x 301 
Public Works Water/Sewer Lead Hand Derek Eagles 705-428-6230 x 301 
Public Works General Manager Transportation and Drainage Gerry LeMay 705-428-6230 x 230 
Public Works General Manager, Environmental Services Mike Rawn 705-428-6230 x 243 
Public Works Compliance / QMS Coordinator Stephanie Schell 705-428-6230 x 306 
Public Works Roads Foreman Tim Wilson 705-428-6230 x 304 
Public Works Water/Sewer Manager  Todd Patton 705-428-6230 x 302 
Public Works Road Manager Tony Clarke 705-428-6230 x 303 
Recreation Community Culture and Tourism Coordinator Amanda Murray 705-428-6230 x 249 
Recreation Recreation Facilities Foreman Dan Gowan 705-466-3000 
Showing 39 items