Property Taxes & Utilities

E-Billing is Here for Property Tax Bills and Water/Sewer Bills

E-Billing is now an option for Township of Clearview property tax and water bills. This will allow rate payers to receive and view tax/water notices electronically.  Any tax/water notices a rate payer receives electronically will be viewable online anytime, eliminating the need to refer to historical paper documents.
In preparation for e-billing, ensure you have set up your online account. You will be required to enter you roll number or water/sewer account # and PIN number.

How to Register for E-billing: Step by Step Instructions

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Property Tax Information

The Township of Clearview Finance department is responsible for the billing and collecting of property taxes for the Municipality and on behalf of the County of Simcoe and the School Boards. Property taxes are levied twice a year by an Interim and Final Notice. The interim billing reflects taxes due for the first part of the year with two installment due dates (For 2022 these due dates are March 24th & May 26th, 2022). The Final billing reflects taxes due for the last part of the year with two installment due dates.

These taxes are used to provide Clearview Township residents with a variety of services including road maintenance, snow removal, emergency services, parks, arenas, community centres, public transit, planning & development, and more.

Property tax is calculated and billed using the property’s assessed value, as found on your property assessment notice issued by MPAC and the Council-approved property tax rate

Property Taxes are made up of three main components: Education Taxes, County of Simcoe Taxes and Municipal Township Taxes:

  1. Municipal Taxes: The tax rate to cover the costs of supplying municipal services is based on Council’s adoption of our annual budget.  Revenues from provincial grants, user fees and other sources are deducted from the total expenditures, resulting in a final amount that needs to be raised through taxation.
  2. County Taxes: These taxes are based on the tax rate adopted by the County of Simcoe. This portion is remitted to the County to support their role in supplying various services including waste management, housing and shelter and public health and emergency services.
  3. Education Taxes: This tax rate is set by the Province of Ontario and remitted to the local school board you support.

Have a tax-related question?

Get in touch via the tax inquires hotline by email,, or by phone, (705) 428-6230 ext. 273.

Water & Sewer Billing Information

Clearview Township provides water and sewer services to properties throughout the Township. Please use the drop down items below for additional details. 

Payment Options

There are many easy and convenient ways to make a payment. Please use the drop down items below for additional details.