Excess Size Permit

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Road building machine as described in the HTA - as self-propelled vehicle of a design commonly used in the construction or maintenance of highways.

Type of cargo: empty, gravel, snow, earth, topsoil, wood or any other material used in the construction of roads or pertaining to snow removal.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • Maximum Width: 7.5m
  • Maximum Height: 4.26m
  • Maximum Weight: In accordance with HTA
  • Length Maximum: 36 m (Lengths over 40 meters will require an escort vehicle)
  • Weight Maximum: in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

Route: All streets and roadways under the jurisdiction of the Township of Clearview

This permit issued on condition the permit holder accepts responsibility for any and all damage that may be caused to overhead wires, structures, highways, encroachments or railway right of ways.

This permission is given on the understanding that you are fully responsible for any claims for any accident or damage which may arise against the Corporation of the Township of Clearview, due to the various equipment occupying our highway while the move or moves are being made. You must have in force and effect liability insurance in the amount of two (2) million dollars with the Corporation of the Township of Clearview named as co-insured.

This permit is issued subject to weather conditions permitting the move(s).

Owner responsible for all insurance and other permits required under the HTA of Ontario.

Permit valid from January 1st to December 31st within the current calendar.