Purchase of the Collingwood Regional Airport

Date Published: 
August 13 2018

CLEARVIEW, ON- On behalf of Clearview Township, Mayor Christopher Vanderkruys confirmed at the August 13, 2018 Council meeting that the bid to purchase the Collingwood Regional Airport was not accepted by the Town of Collingwood. 

Mayor Vanderkruys confirmed that Clearview Township submitted a competitive bid of $3.5 million which would have resulted in ensuring public ownership of the Collingwood Regional Airport. 

Mayor Vanderkruys also commented that Clearview Township has concerns related to the evaluation process and scoring of the submitted bids. The Township’s understanding was that keeping the facility in public ownership would have resulted in favourable scoring. At this point, no clarification or communication of any manner related to the sale of the regional airport has been provided by the Town of Collingwood. 

After the public purchase announcement was made by the Town of Collingwood, the owner of Winterland Developments LTD, has been in contact with Mayor Vanderkruys with the purpose of starting informal discussions related to the successful and continued operation of the Regional Airport located within Clearview Township. 

“It has been encouraging to see the excitement and professionalism of Winterland Developments LTD around the future operations of the regional airport. I have shared my views around the importance of the airport for both Clearview Township and for the County of Simcoe as a whole. In my opinion, Winterland Developments LTD understands the importance of the regional airport as a key economic driver for our region” stated Mayor Vanderkruys. 

For more information, please contact:

Christopher Vanderkruys
705-428-6230 ext. 226

Steve Sage
Chief Administration Officer
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