Notice - Zoning By-law Amendment Public Meeting

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January 10 2019
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Township of Clearview Council has received an application to amend Comprehensive Zoning By-law 06-54. The amendment is being considered under the requirements of the Planning Act RSO 1990 c.P.13 and applicable regulations. The purpose of this notice is to invite you to engage in the public process if you wish.

Public Meeting Information:

When:  Monday February 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Where: Council Chambers, Township of Clearview Administration Centre, 217 Gideon Street, Stayner, Ontario

The Proposal:

The purpose of the meeting is to provide notice that the Council for The Corporation of the Township of Clearview will be holding a public meeting under Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, C.P. 13 as amended, to inform the public and provide an opportunity for public comments on the proposed update to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 06-54 for the Municipality of the Township of Clearview.

The Zoning By-law is a statutory document that sets out the specific permitted land uses and development standards that apply to properties in the Township of Clearview.

Our Zoning By-law was passed in 2006 and is generally amended each year in order to make sure that it is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. The purpose of the proposed housekeeping amendment seeks to simplify wording and clarify the intent of ambiguous provisions and proposes:


  • Clean up the Interpretation and General Provisions section to make the By-law more concise and defensible.
  • Combine the encroachments section of the general provisions into one chart to make it more user-friendly.
  • Remove policy provisions that do not belong in a Zoning By-law.

Agricultural and Rural Zones:

  • Allow Rural Zones over 2 hectares to have the same accessory building provisions as the Agricultural Zone.
  • Reduce the side yard setback for accessory buildings under 62 m2 and no taller than 1 storey to 1.2 meters.

Residential Zones:

  • Reduce the lot coverage provisions as they are unusually high and not consistent with surrounding municipalities and the small town character of Clearview.
  • Increase the side yard setback where it is 1.1 m to 1.2 m to be consistent with the Building Code that would otherwise require additional fire prevention construction.
  • Add dwelling unit area minimums, noting accessory dwelling unit area minimums are already in the By-law.
  • Increase the front yard requirement setback for the driveway for townhouses from 6 meters to 8 meters to reduce parking conflicts on these smaller frontages.
  • Amend the maximum height and yard setback requirements for townhouses from a sliding scale based on every 0.3 meters of height to set measurements that are more workable.

Commercial and Industrial Zones:

  • Update the Large Format Commercial zone with permitted uses commonly used in the By-law.
  • Delete the County Commercial (C6) zone as it is outdated and rezone the two affected properties appropriately.

Commercial Transition Zones:

  • Update the Commercial Transition Zones to permit the mixed use of residential, bed and breakfasts, home occupations and commercial uses with the intent to encourage the retention the existing and heritage dwellings to bookcase the downtowns of Stayner and Creemore versus the demolition of these dwellings in favour of commercial plazas to maintain the small town character of the communities.


  • Clean up the definitions within the By-law by ensuring consistent use of terms.
  • Add a Short Term Accommodation definition that is consistent with other municipalities.
  • Updated the definition for commercial self-storage to ensure that this use is located within a building and not a portable storage container to ensure the fair application of development charges and taxation.
  • Amend the definition for height to be from the lowest point of the front wall of the building to the peak versus the more confusing requirement of the lowest finished grade at all points around the perimeter of the base or foundation.


  • Provide the use of portable moving containers (not shipping containers) for a legitimate moving company on a temporary basis, being no more than 5 days, at a residential location to enable the self-packing of persons moving.

Waste Disposal Assessment Areas:

  • Add the Waste Disposal Assessment Area overlay, already in effect in the County Official Plan to the Zoning By-law within 500 meters of the following former disposal sites: 1493 12/13 Sideroad North Sunnidale, 6873 6/7 Sideroad Nottawasaga and 8512 County Road 9.

Site Specific Amendments proposed:

  • Part of Lot 25, Concession 3, formerly Nottawasaga, from the Recreational Trail (RECT) Zone to the Development (DA) Zone as the RECT zone is being removed from the By-law and this is the only location in the Township where it is used.
  • 3996 and 4002 County Road 124, formerly Nottawasaga, now in the Township of Clearview, from the Country Commercial (C6) Zone to the Residential Hamlet (RS) Zone as the Country Commercial (C6) Zone is being removed from the By-law and the RS zone is the zone of the surrounding properties.
  • 5192 County Road 9, formerly Sunnidale, from the General Commercial (C1) Zone to the Residential Large Lot (RS1) Zone to remove the drafting error and permit the existing dwelling.
  • West half of 9000 County Road 91, formerly Nottawasaga, from the Institutional (IN) Zone to the Residential Hamlet (RS) Zone to correct the drafting error and bring the whole of the lot into the correct zone.
  • 2385 Riverside Drive, 2445 Riverside Drive, 2541 Riverside Drive and 2371 Concession 6, formerly Nottawasaga; 7123 36/37 Sideroad, formerly Nottawasaga, and 1836 County Road 7, formerly Sunnidale from the Environmental Protection (EP) Zone to the Rural (RU) Zone to legalize the existing legal non-conforming dwellings and accessory buildings.
  • 2292 3/4 Side Road, Sunnidale from the Environmental Protection (EP) Zone to the Agricultural (AG) Zone to largely recognize the previous zoning amendment that was not incorporated into Zoning By-law 06-54.
  • 9593 County Road 10, Sunnidale from the Environmental Protection (EP) Zone to the Rural (RU) Zone, and from the Rural (RU) Zone to the Environmental Protection (EP) Zone to legalize the existing legal non-conforming barns and dwelling and to add the existing woodlot into the EP Zone.

The effect of the proposed amendment is to make the By-law more current, easier to understand, consistent and more defensible.

The subject application concerns all lands within the Township of Clearview.

There are no associated applications.     

Your Rights to Appeal:

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Corporation of the Township of Clearview before the by-law is passed, the person or public body:

  1. is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Township of Clearview Council to the Ontario Municipal Board; and
  2. may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so.

For More Information:

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Contact the Planner assigned to this file: 

Mara Burton, Director Community Services 705-428-6230 ext. 264

Visit or write to the Community Services Department at the Towsnhip of Clearview Administration Centre: Box 200, 217 Gideon St., Stayner ON L0M 1S0

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

If you have specific accessibility needs and would like another format or other accommodations the Township of Clearview will work to meet your needs. Please contact Human Resources at 705-428-6230 ext. 255.We invite you to comment on this application and to engage in the process with us. If you wish to receive future notices concerning this file, please submit your request in writing to the Planner assigned to this file using the information above. Please be advised that your comment or request to be notified will form part of the public record; your communication and any personal information therein will be made available to the public, unless you expressly request its removal.

Notice dated: 17 January 2019