Notice - Updated Building Department Service Disruption Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date Published: 
May 20 2020

Updated May 20, 2020

Clearview Township has taken proactive precautions with facility closures & in-person Customer Service desk closures. To maintain social distancing and minimize the spread of this virus ALL Township of Clearview facilities including the Administration Office remain CLOSED to the public as of 11:00 AM on March 17, 2020, until further notice.  The Township remains committed to providing a modified customer service delivery. Please refer to the Clearview Township website for more information.

The following is the current service level for Permits and Inspections conducted by the Building Department, until further notice:

  1. Building Permit Applications: Reduced Level of Service
  • Building Department Staff are working and Building Permit Applications will continue to be accepted through the Administration Centre drop box and by email.
  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the Building Department by email or by phone to pre-consult on their application and submission requirements.
  • Email communication will be the preferred method of communication.
  1. Payments for Building Permits & Compliance Letters: Reduced Level of Service
  • Until further notice, payment for building permit fees, development charges and compliance letters will be cheque only (payable to the Clearview Township) and deposited at the Clearview Administration Centre drop box. No in person payments.

Payment Process:

  1. Complete the cheque and include a note “for building permit” along with property address and contact information with the cheque.
  2. Arrange to have the cheque dropped off in the drop box at Clearview Administration Centre.
  3. A Building Department representative will follow up on the payment and issuing a receipt.
  4. Building permit or compliance letter will be issued.
  1. Building Inspections: Reduced Level of Service
  • At this time restricted building inspections are being completed by our Building Inspectors on all construction projects:
  • We will only attend un-occupied buildings.
  • At this time, we have implemented a Safe Work Practice for our Inspectors and we ask that you assist us in ensuring our Inspectors always have Social Distancing control measures in place during your inspection.
  • Social Distancing requires that all persons on site must remain a minimum of 6ft. from the Inspector.

This includes:

  1. Ensure that the Site Supervisor or designate always remains a minimum of 6ft away from our Inspector (“Social Distancing”);
  2. Ask that ALL tradespeople immediately leave the building and do not approach our Inspector – all communication will be with the Site Supervisor; and
  3. Respect our Inspector’s direction regarding their safety.
  • Any covering of construction without a required inspection or as defined under the Building Code Act or by permission of the Chief Building Official - may require the uncovering of any work.
  • The reliance on Design Professionals written reports and site instructions, general field reviews, revised details, drawings or specifications issued by the project Architect or Engineer(s) will be considered by the Chief Building Official.
  1. We have implemented a Remote Video Inspection program which allows Permit Holders to have certain construction inspected in occupied spaces at a pre-scheduled time via live video chat through Facetime.

Further, in order to ensure service continues should an inspector become ill, we are working on a “rotating shift” for our Inspectors and limiting the number of inspections per day

We will continue to monitor this situation on a daily/weekly basis and notification will be provided on any change to the above temporary service levels. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date for service, however, delays may occur, and we apologize in advance and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter that is affecting all of us, we will work through this together as always.


Scott McLeod, C.B.C.O., Dipl.M.M.,  BCIN 10151
Chief Building Official

T: 705-428-6230 ext:231
Township of Clearview