Notice - Interim Control By-Law Notice of Passing, Cannabis Operations

Date Published: 
October 15 2020

The Decision: 
The Township of Clearview Council has passed an Interim Control By-law. The By-law has been considered under the requirements of the Planning Act RSO 1990 c.P.13 and applicable regulations. The purpose of this notice is to make you aware of Council’s decision on the matter.

Date of Passing:    Monday October 05, 2020    By-law No.: 20-64

The Purpose & Effect: 
The Council of The Corporation of the Township of Clearview passed Interim Control By-law 20-64 to prohibit the establishment of Cannabis Operations within the Township of Clearview under subsection 38(1) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended. 

Take notice that By-law 20-64 will be in effect until 11:59 p.m. local time on the 4th day of October 2021, unless otherwise extended in accordance with subsection 38(1) of the Planning Act or repealed by the Council of The Corporation of the Township of Clearview at an earlier date. The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Clearview has authority to extend the period during which the By-law will be in effect to a total period not exceeding two years from the date of passing of the By-law 20-64.

A key map has not been provided with this notice as the Interim Control By-law affects all lands within the Township of Clearview. 

Purpose: An Interim Control By-law (20-64) was passed to allow staff to undertake a study in respect of land use planning policies relating to Cannabis Operations within the municipality with respect to Zoning By-law 2006-54, being the Comprehensive Zoning By-law for the Township of Clearview.

Cannabis Operation means lands, buildings or structures used for growing, producing, processing, harvesting, treating, testing, destroying, storing, packaging and/or shipping of Cannabis or dried Cannabis as defined by the Cannabis Act, 2018, S.C. 2018, c. 16, as amended. A Cannabis Operation does not include the growth, production or processing of up to four (4) or fewer plants on a lot for personal use.

Effect: The Interim Control By-law restricts the use of land, buildings, or structures for a Cannabis Operation, or any purpose related to such use, except where such land, building or structure was lawfully used for such purpose on the day of passing of the by-law, so long as it continues to be used for that purpose.

For More Information: 
There are several ways to find more information about this Interim Control By-law.

Contact the Planner assigned to this file:    

Mara Burton, Director Community Services
705-428-6230 ext. 264

Visit or write to the Community Services Department at the Township of Clearview Administration Centre:
Box 200, 217 Gideon St., Stayner ON  L0M 1S0
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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Notice dated: 15 October 2020