News Release - Stayner Arena to Re-open Safely October 13th

Date Published: 
September 30 2020

Clearview Township’s Stayner Arena will take a phased approach to safely reopening. The first phase will begin on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, and run until November 30, 2020. The Creemore Arena will remain closed at this time as staff and resources from both arenas are required to adhere to the provincial guidelines. 

The first phase will allow access to the arena for regular user groups only, without the use of dressing rooms. Strict provincial guidelines for recreational facilities will be followed including stringent access, control, cleaning and disinfecting protocols. To support a safe and healthy experience for everyone Clearview is working closely with Ontario Hockey Federation, Hockey Canada and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to implement COVID-19 Arena Protocols. 

Some of the safety protocols include: 

  • A maximum capacity of 50 people, including staff;
  • Face coverings are required, except when engaged in on-ice activity;
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres is always required; 
  • All persons must self-screen before entering the facility; 
  • All players must be fully dressed before entering the facility, except for goalies’ skates, pads, uppers and gloves; 
  • It is strongly encouraged that the entire team/group assembles and enters the facility together.  

The operation of the arena will be re-evaluated every week for safety and effectiveness. Due to the evolving nature of the situation, last-minute schedule or operational changes may be necessary to maintain safety. If phase one is successful and conditions allow, the arena will enter the second phase on December 1st, allowing the use of dressing rooms, public skating and shinny hockey. 

Everyone must take these protocols seriously to ensure the safe use of the arena. To review the protocols, visit

For more information please contact: 

Terry Vachon
General Manager Parks, Culture and Recreation

(705) 428-6013