Matthew Fournier

News Release - Outdoor Ice Rinks Halted During Lockdown

Date Published: 
January 8 2021

Clearview Township continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with the health and safety of our community in mind. To prevent transmission of COVID-19 in Clearview the tough decision has been made to close and halt the formation of outdoor ice rinks on Clearview public property while the province remains in lockdown. 

In many surrounding communities, unsupervised outdoor rinks have unfortunately led to overcrowding and encouraged travel between public health units while closure and safe usage signs have largely been ignored. 

For those residents looking to create outdoor rinks on their property, Clearview’s Firefighters have some advice: 

  • Give the rink a good flood on a cold night (little to no wind is preferred). 
  • Once the ice surface has been created be sure to clear any snow off. 
  • Use some warm water now and then to melt any defects and create a smoother ice surface.

Please join us in extending a sincere thank you to Clearview’s Firefighters who generously volunteer their time each winter creating and maintaining Clearview’s outdoor rinks. The situation will be re-evaluated once the lockdown has been lifted and final decisions for the winter season will be made at that time.

All COVID-19 service delivery announcements will continue to be communicated through the township website, and on Twitter, @Clearview_twp.

For more information, please contact: 

Terry Vachon
General Manager Parks, Culture and Recreation

(705) 428-6031 

Roree Payment
Fire Chief

(705) 428-6230 ext. 402