News Release - Clearview Will Sign a Special Event Agreement & Pass a Temporary Use Zoning By-Law For Roxodus Music Fest at Edenvale Aerodrome July 10-14th

Date Published: 
June 19 2019

Clearview Council held a Special Meeting of Council at 1:00 PM today to review the Special Event Agreement and Temporary Use Zoning By-law Amendment for the property at the Edenvale Aerodrome, site of the proposed Roxodus Music Fest.   

Council voted to support the Special Event Agreement regarding Roxodus Music Fest and directed the Mayor and Clerk of the Township to sign the agreement. In the second decision of Council, the Temporary Use Zoning By-law Amendment was supported for a period of two years.

On July 10th  the Roxodus Music Fest is proposed to take place in Clearview Township, bringing a four-day rock music festival to Edenvale Aerodrome. When an event of this size is planned there are many factors that Clearview is to consider, first and foremost being the safety of residents and visitors.

These factors are typically detailed in a Special Event Agreement, which addresses things such as safety, traffic, noise, clean-up, environmental impact, and securities to be held by the Township.  In addition to the Agreement, Festival Promoters must also seek a Temporary Use Zoning By-law Amendment, as festival grounds are not a permitted use on the properties at Edenvale Aerodrome that are currently zoned Airport Industrial (MA-1).

The municipality, our residents and taxpayers need to know that Council’s decision today to permit the Roxodus event to proceed was made with great consideration of the safety and security of the community.  Our council will review the outcome of the 2019 event and make well-informed decisions on any future large festivals held in Clearview.” Mayor Doug Measures said.

Clearview Council also voted to add a By-law Enforcement Officer from Simcoe County to act on behalf of Clearview Township in support of our efforts to keep Clearview safe during the event.  


For more information, please contact:

Doug Measures
Mayor, Clearview Township
(705) 428-6230 ext. 280


Steve Sage
CAO, Clearview Township
(705) 428-6230 ext. 228