News Release - Clearview Township Stage 3 Municipal Updates

Date Published: 
July 29 2020

Clearview Township continues to respond to the changing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic with the safety of residents and staff at the forefront of all decisions.

As part of the Simcoe Muskoka District, Clearview entered Stage 3 of the Ontario Government’s Framework for Reopening on July 17th. The move to Stage 3 loosened many restrictions, allowing “nearly all businesses and public spaces to reopen, as long as they follow the public health advice and workplace safety guidance necessary to keep everyone safe.”

Staff are working towards adapting and implementing equipment, policies and procedures to ensure public and staff safety in Stage 3. We ask for your patience as we work towards reopening safely.

Clearview Township continues to safeguard the best interests of the community while delivering essential Town Services. The following provides an update on facilities, services and amenities in Clearview Township currently:


Status Update

Township Administration Centre

•    Operating. Remains closed to the public while preparing to reopen safely.
•    Staff are available to assist by email or telephone. Details are available at 
•    The drop box at the front entrance remains available.


•    Stayner Route operating on regular hours, transit fees waived
•    Creemore Route discontinued until further notice.
•    Riders are required to wear a face-covering and asked to use social distancing and self-screening practices.

Clearview Library

•    Remains closed to the public while preparing to reopen safely.
•    Curbside service is available at all branches from Wednesday-Saturday

Fire Stations

•    Operating. Available to the public upon request with strict health measures in place.
•    Staff remain available for non-emergency related matters at (705) 428-0670.

Public Works

•    Operating. Remains closed to the public while preparing to reopen safely.
•    Staff remain available at (705) 428-5024 and via email

By-law Enforcement

•    Operating.
•    Access contact information and details on how to submit a complaint here   

Building Permits & Inspections

•    Permits are being accepted via the drop box and by email. Payments by cheque only.
•    Inspections are operating with strict safe work practices and physical distancing measures in place for unoccupied buildings. Certain construction in occupied spaces can proceed via live video chat through Facetime.

Patio Permits

•    Available on a case-by-case basis. For details visit

Public Meetings

•    Proceeding virtually until further notice. Public Meetings will be announced on

Council & Council Meetings

•    Proceeding virtually until further notice. 
•    Council Meetings are live streamed on Clearview’s YouTube channel.
•    Public participation can be submitted via an online form
•    Council members are accessible by email and telephone. Their contact information is listed here

Clearview Parks & Sports Fields

•    Playground equipment, public tennis courts, skateboard parks, sports fields, baseball diamonds, picnic tables, benches and gazebos open.
•    Playground equipment cannot be properly sanitized, ensure hands are sanitized before and after use.
•    Public washrooms remain closed while preparing to reopen safely.
•    Residents are reminded to practice safe physical distancing and abide by gathering limitations.

Youth Centre

•    Remains closed to the public while preparing to reopen safely. 

Arenas/Recreation Centres & Community Halls

•    Remain closed to the public until further notice.


Centennial Pool

•    Closed for the 2020 season.

Stayner & New Lowell Farmer’s Market

•    Closed for the 2020 season.

Property Tax & Utility Bills

•    Can be accessed and paid online at
•    Payments can also be mailed in or deposited in the drop box at the Clearview Administration Centre, 217 Gideon Street in Stayner.

Business Reopening Tool Kits

•    Are available online for Clearview business owners

2020 Clearview COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund

•    Available to provide financial assistance to community organizations to help the most vulnerable in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic

All service delivery announcements will continue to be communicated through the township website, and on Twitter, @Clearview_twp. Subscribe to notifications on the Township’s homepage to stay up to date as more information becomes available.

For more information, please contact: 

Mayor Doug Measures

(705) 428-6230 ext. 280

Steve Sage

(705) 428-6230 ext. 228