News Release - Clearview Amends Zoning By-Law to Support Local Farmers and The Agricultural Community

Date Published: 
June 14 2019

Clearview is pleased to announce that it has amended its zoning by-law to confirm the Township’s support for our farmers and local agricultural businesses. The recent “Housekeeping By-law” supports our rural economy in many ways, including by eliminating the restriction on the number and the maximum area of accessory farm buildings in the rural zone; by confirming and clarifying that an accessory farm produce sales outlet is a permitted use in the agricultural and rural zones; and permitting equestrian facilities as a primary permitted use in the agricultural and rural zones.  To encourage our Agri-tourism economy, the Housekeeping By-law also improves the definition of wineries and cideries, to ensure that the use permits the public to visit wineries and cideries to sample their products. 

It is also important to note that the Housekeeping By-law does not eliminate or change, in any way, the uses permitted in the agricultural, rural or development area zones; in particular, farm wineries or cideries are still permitted in these zones.  On the other hand, breweries remain as industrial uses, allowed as-of-right only in the industrial zone. In order to ensure compatibility with neighbouring properties and the availability of adequate services, any proposed brewery in an agricultural, rural or development zone will require an amendment to the Township’s comprehensive zoning by-law. The amendment process allows the Township to review the appropriateness of adding a new type of use to a zone and gives the public an opportunity to participate in that process.

For further information on the Housekeeping By-law, please visit our website.  

Mara Burton
Director Community Services, Clearview Township
(705) 428-6230 ext. 264

Steve Sage
CAO, Clearview Township
(705) 428-6230 ext. 228