Employment Opportunity - Summer Student Opportunities

Date Published: 
January 14 2019

2019 summer student job opportunities are available with Clearview Township. All positions are 35-40 hours per week (May to August 2019). All resumes must be received electronically through the Human Resources department, by Friday, February 22, 2019 at: hr@clearview.ca

Job #2019–001 Pool Instructors / Life Guards (6 positions)

Job #2019–002 Pool Lifeguard – Supervisor

Job #2019–003 Student Water / Sewer Operator (Co-Op position)

Job #2019–004 Student Roads Workers (4 positions)

Job #2019–005 Student Tourism/ Culture Assistants (3 positions)

Job #2019–006 Student Planning Assistant

Details of all jobs and hiring criteria can be viewed here: https://www.clearview.ca/news-events-meetings/employment-opportunities/summer-student-opportunities