Bethel Union Cemetery

Previously known as: 
Sunnidale Union Cemetery
Township Owned: 
Janie Cooper-Wilson and the Silver Shoe Society

This cemetery was established in 1855. It was considered one of the only integrated cemeteries of its time, with black, white and aboriginal peoples all buried in it. It remained an active cemetery until 1940 and ended up falling into a state of disrepair by the 1960’s. Prison inmates were used to clear away the surrounding debris of the site however; it fell into disrepair again by the 70’s. It continued to remain in a woeful state until 1997 when Jane Cooper-Wilson and a group of volunteers secured permission from the Township of Clearview to restore and maintain the site. Her organization, The Silver Shoe Historical Society has worked hard to restore and maintain the cemetery. They have also discovered around 400 documented burials with even more awaiting investigation.

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