By-laws & Policies

The following table contains a list of the most frequently requested bylaws. All By-laws are available to the public upon request. Please use the staff contact directory to email the Records Management Coordinator. 

Most Popular Bylaws

Title By-Law # Description
Property Standards By-law 17-98

Prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property

Parking Control 07-36

Regulate the parking of vehicles within the Township. Consolidated By-Law encompasses all amendments that have been made.

Fence By-law 03-14

Govern the description of certain lawful fences along road allowances between residential properties and around swimming pools

Noise By-law 02-09

Prohibit or control noises within the Township of Clearview

Consolidated Fees By-law March 2021 17-110
Regulate Off Road Vehicles (ATV's) 20-71 20-71

Being a By-law and map to regulate off road vehicles (ATV's)

Building By-law 05-25

Respecting construction, demolition and change of use permits and inspection. Consolidated By-Law encompasses all amendments that have been made.

Water Control By-law 07-29

Regulate and control the use of water outside of buildings

Open Air Burning 14-06

Regulate conditions under which fires may be set in the open air

Regulate Sale and Setting off Fireworks 14-05

Amend By-Law 08-22 to prohibit and regulate the sale of fireworks and the setting off of fireworks