By-laws & Policies

The following table contains a list of the most frequently requested bylaws. All By-laws are available to the public upon request. Please use the staff contact directory to email the Records Management Coordinator. 

Title By-Law # Description
Animals at Large By-law 02-13 02-13

Regulate activities that interfere with other people's enjoyment or use of their own property.

Canine Control By-law 21-84 21-84

By-law to regulate, license and control canines in the Township of Clearview

Cemetery By-law 15-64 15-64

Township of Clearview Cemetery By-law. Last Updated October 1 2021.

Clean and Clear By-law 11-44 Consolidated 11-44

Clean and Clear By-law 11-44 Consolidated September 23, 2020.

By-law to provide for the maintenance of land in a clean and clear condition. 


Code of Conduct - Committee and Boards

Policy - Code of Conduct - Committee and Boards

Council Code of Conduct By-law 18-69 18-69

Code of Conduct - Council

Dumping, Filling, Grading of Lands By-law 02-62 02-62

Provide for the regulation of the dumping on, filling of, and grading of lands.

To obtain permission to fill or grade please use the application form provided at the following web address

Fees By-law 17-110 Consolidated 17-110

Providing for the imposition of fees and charges for the Township of Clearview. Last updated September 13, 2021.

Fence By-law 03-14 03-14

Govern the description of certain lawful fences along road allowances between residential properties and around swimming pools

Fireworks By-law 08-22 Consolidated 08-22

A By-Law to prohibit and regulate the sale of fireworks and the setting off of fireworks.

Livestock Valuers By-law 14-73 14-73

Appoint livestock valuers for the Township of Clearview

Livestock Valuer Contact Information:

Richard Metheral 705.351.2022
Russel Flack 705.443.1224
Allan Fisher 705.445.0329

Noise By-law 02-09 02-09

Prohibit or control noises within the Township of Clearview

Open Air Burning By-law 14-06 14-06

A By-Law to Regulate Conditions under which fires may be set in the open Air.

Parking Control By-law 07-36 Consolidated 07-36

Regulate the parking of vehicles within the Township. Consolidated By-Law encompasses all amendments that have been made. Last updated February 12, 2018

Procedure By-law 12-19 Consolidated 12-19

Governing the proceedings of Council and its Committees. Consolidated By-Law encompasses all amendments that have been made.

Procurement By-law 17-20 17-20

Repeals By-law 14-65. A by-law to establish policies for the procurement of goods and services and the disposal of surplus goods

Property Standards By-law 17-98 17-98

Prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property

Public Appointment Policy

Policy - To establish a fair and consistent process for citizen appointments to all board, committee and task forces that is inclusive to all members of the community.

Recreation Facilities Behaviour Policy

Policy - Recreation Facilities Behaviour Policy

Regulate Off Road Vehicles (ATV's) By-law 20-71 20-71

Being a By-law and map to regulate off road vehicles (ATV's)

Sewer Use By-law 00-13 00-13

Control discharges to the municipal sewage works

Sign By-law 20-43 20-43

Sign By-law to regulate the erection and maintenance of signs.

Vending By-law 21-62 21-62

Control and License temporary sales of merchandise, goods, food, or provides services from a vehicle or stationary booth/ stand.  

Water Control By-law 07-29 07-29

Regulate and control the use of water outside of buildings