Clearview 2021 Ward Boundary Review

Clearview 2021 Ward Boundary Review

The Township of Clearview Council is reviewing its composition and ward boundaries to understand if our wards and Council representation is effective, equitable and an accurate reflection of who lives here. This review will have a lasting impact on how you’re represented at the municipal level, now and into the future. We need your help to answer some big questions about how you are represented. 

Currently in Clearview there are seven wards with one councillor elected by the residents living in that area, to represent the ward on Clearview Council. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected At-Large, meaning that everyone in Clearview gets a chance to vote for those positions regardless of where they live. 

What is a Ward Boundary Review? 

Watch the video below to learn more about wards, the ward system in Clearview and how it effects you as a resident. 

What Ward Do You Live in? 

View the current Ward Boundary Map by clicking the button below to find out.

Ward Boundary Map

Clearview’s Council & Ward Boundaries are Changing

Beginning in December 2020, Clearview undertook a Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review consulting the public with a survey and public meeting along the way. With overwhelming public support in favour of maintaining the ward system, Clearview Council decided on July 12, 2021, to move to a five (5) ward structure with a 7 member Council: 5 Councillors, a Deputy Mayor and Mayor. The 5 Ward Boundary Map is located below.

New 5 Ward Boundary Map

Notice of Passage of Ward Boundary Realignment By-law 21-77 

At the July 26, 2021 meeting, Council passed By-law 21-77 to formally redivide the Township into five (5) wards. Below is a copy of the by-law and the public notice. For additional background information on Clearview’s Ward Boundary review, please click below on “About the Ward Boundary Review” for links to Council reports and decisions. 

Notice - Passage of Ward Boundary Realignment By-law 21-77

By-law 21-77: Ward Boundary Realignment