MAMTA Homes County Road 42

File Number(s): 

1191 County Road 42


The Planning Department, consulting agencies, and internal Township departments are presently reviewing the applicant’s submission for the Draft Plan of Condominium and Zoning By-law Amendment.

Notice of Complete Application: March 13, 2019


The proposed plan of condominium is to be comprised of 71 condominium townhouses units, 4 semi-detached units and a 3 storey apartment building. The Zoning By-law Amendment application seeks to amend the zoning on the subject lands from ‘Institutional Exception’ (IN-2) and Development Area (DA) to ‘Residential Multiple Medium Density Exception (RS5-XX) and ‘Residential High Density Exception (RS6-XX) to accommodate the proposed development form and requests reductions in the exterior and interior side yard setback, maximum height, minimum unit size, landscape screen and number of loading spaces.