Clearview Garden Estates

File Number(s): 
Draft Plan of Subdivision File No. SD-2016-049
Zoning By-law Amendment File No. ZB-2016-049
  • 6237 27/28 Side Road, Stayner
  • Roll: 4329-010-002-17800

The Planning Department, consulting agencies, and internal Township departments are presently reviewing the applicant’s first submission.


The applicant is proposing development of the subject lands for the purposes of establishing an residential subdivision. The subject lands are located at the north-west limits of Stayner and has frontage on 27/28 Side Road.

The proposed subdivision provides for 730 homes and includes a range of housing types and densities including semi-detached, street townhouses, row houses, cluster townhouse apartments and a 5 storey medium density apartment building. In addition, the plan provides for the potential for local commercial uses and mixed uses property for institutional and medical support services for an assisted housing complex including a long term care facility and retirement building.