Clear Valley Hops Site Plan Application

File Number(s): 

4082 County Road 124



Council considered Staff report November 19, 2018.

Owner has appealed the Site Plan Application to Local Planning Appeal Tribunial.


The applicant is proposing the construction of a nano-brewery.  The nano-brewery proposes to include a processing area for the brewing process and an accessory retail component.  The retail component is proposed to involve the sale of hops related products and craft beer.  The Owner is also proposing to include sampling and tasting of various products.  The application process to put the micro-brewery on the lands is located within the settlement area of Nottawa.

Site Plan Control

Municipalities have the authority to enter into site plan agreements with property owners under the Planning Act.  For some planning applications, such as zoning by-law amendments, official plan amendments, plans of subdivision, etc. the Act requires a public process and specifies how and to who notice is given.  However, there is no public process under the Act for site plan agreements.  To date the owner has only made application to the Township for a site plan approval application, and they have also appealed their application to Local Planning Appeal Tribunial (LPAT) which is also their right under the Planning Act if Council does not make a decision on their application within 30 days.