Bed & Breakfast Zoning By-law Amendment

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The subject application concerns all lands within the Township of Clearview.


Public Meeting Date: Monday, March 5th, 2018


The Township is proposing to amend Zoning By-law 06-54 to permit Bed and Breakfasts within single detached dwellings within the Residential Zones.

Currently a Zoning By-law Amendment to the Settlement Area Bed and Breakfast Zone (RS-BB) Zone is required in order to run a bed and breakfast. The Zoning By-law also has a number of provisions that have to be met in order to run a bed and breakfast including parking and buffering; a maximum number of guest rooms, being 3 in the Residential Zones; that the residents of the dwelling reside on the property; and, that there be no more than one employee who is not a resident.  None of these provisions are proposed to change.  However, the requirement of the existing RS-BB Zone, that the minimum lot area must be 750 square meters; and that the property cannot maintain a bed and breakfast and an accessory dwelling unit at the same time, are proposed to be added as a requirement in order to operate and Bed and Breakfast.