Banner Installation Application


  • Clearview based profit entities will be charged a fee of $150.00
  • Clearview based non-profit organizations will be exempt from fees charged for installation of banners
  • Applicants must apply to the Township of Clearview at least two weeks prior to the date requested for the installation of the banner and the banner is to be delivered to the Administration Centre (217 Gideon Street, Stayner) within the same time period
  • All banners must meet the design specifications (see below)
  • Banners are to be erected and dismantled by Clearview designees only
  • Banners to be erected on designated poles only and will be allowed to hang for a maximum of two weeks
  • The Township of Clearview assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to banners.

Design Specifications

  • Hooks/snaps/grommets to be a maximum of 2 feet apart along the top of the banner
  • Hardware must be supplied
  • Banner must be 20 to 30 feet long
  • Banner must be between 24 to 30 inches in depth
  • Ropes must be 75 feet long and made of 3/8 inch nylon
  • 8 inch air holes must be staggered top and bottom
  • Ropes must be secured to banner
  • No banner movement will be permitted on ropes

*Installation in Creemore – Friday
*Installation in Stayner – Saturday

Please check the following box to indicate that have read and agree/understand to the regulations and design specifications as stated above.

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