Volunteering in Clearview

volunteer helping with childrens activities

Volunteers play an integral part in any community. Volunteers form the basis of service groups, community service organizations, charities and many others. More specifically with Clearview Township, volunteers run and manage our community halls, festivals and events, and many local services including the Stayner and Lavender cemeteries, community improvement groups, libraries, business improvement areas and chambers of commerce and many others.
Clearview is always looking for volunteers for either formal appointment to Clearview Council Boards and Committees or for general volunteering for various events and initiatives that we have.

Am I insured as a volunteer?

Yes. Volunteers for Clearview Township activities are included in our municipal insurance. See the links below for the personal injury, liability and third-party property damage insurances that we provide for our volunteers. There is no cost to you for the insurance.

Volunteer personal injury insurance coverage
Volunteer liability and third party property damage insurance coverage

Do I have to get a background check from the police before I volunteer?

Maybe. Some types of volunteering require a background check and some do not. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a formal agreement to sign for volunteering?

Most volunteering does not involve signing any agreement. Generally only volunteers that are formally appointed by the Clearview Council to Council boards and committees would sign a formal agreement.

I am a senior. Do I still have insurance coverage as a volunteer?

Yes. There is no age limit on volunteering. Clearview has many volunteers over the age of 80 and so in 2012 we asked our insurance provider to remove the age limitation on our volunteer insurance so that everyone would be insured, regardless of age.

volunteer helping

I am not yet 18. Can I volunteer?

Yes. We would love to have you volunteer. There may be some limitations on what you can volunteer for. Please contact us for more details.

I have a First Aid certificate/I have a Smart Serve certification.

Wonderful! Please let us know when you talk to us as we have some volunteer positions that require these special skills.

Does the volunteering count towards my high school Community Service Hours?

Maybe. It depends upon what your school’s requirements are for volunteering. We can work on a plan that will meet those requirements, if possible. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us to get started.

Getting started is simple. Contact Steve Sage at 705-428-6230 ext. 228 or by e-mail at Steve will arrange a brief phone or in-person interview to determine where your skills and experience can best be put to use or you can let us know what area you are most interested in volunteering for.