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Township Parks and Trails

Clearview boasts a wide variety of parks, trails and conservation areas. To view details on one of our beautiful parks or trails, click on a link below.
Park Bookings
To book any of Clearview’s outdoor facilities, renters must complete the Municipal Facility Rental Contract which can be downloaded from Applications and Forms in addition to any other Rental Policy set forth by the Contact.

Alcohol Risk Management
All rentals with alcohol are subject to the Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy and Agreement which can be downloaded from Publications.
Carruthers park photo 

Carruthers Memorial Conservation Area

Part of the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority, Carruthers Memorial Park has many features for the outdoor enthusiast, from fishing the Mad River, to hiking along the Ganaraska Trail, to picnicking at the pavilion.  Washroom facilities available.  To book the pavilion, phone (705) 466-2074. 

Location: South Avening, ON, on Airport  Road (County Road 42)    

Centennial Park photoCentennial/Kinsmen Park

Nestled in the heart of Stayner, this park features lots of green space and play equipment.  Forested trails and a babbling brook give this park a real sense of peace and tranquility.  Washrooms available in the summer months.
The Clearview Culture and Recreation Advisory Committee has completed 1 km of trail inside the park as part of the Clearview Trail Link Conceptual Plan.  For more information download Clearview Trail Link Conceptual Plan from Publications.


Location:  240 Brock Street (Access from Brock  Street and Elm Street), Stayner, ON
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013
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Dunedin park photoDunedin Park

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the Noisy River from this quaint park located in the heart of Dunedin. A small playground unit, picnic table and lots of green space make this a perfect picnic destination for all to enjoy. "A real hidden treasure!”
Location:  Off County Road 9 in Dunedin, ON.  Entrance is across from Dunedin Hall 
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013


 Fountain Park photo

Fountain Park

A quiet place to rest along Main Street Stayner, passersby can enjoy flowers and benches provided by the Stayner Horticultural Society and a plaque marking the Founding of Stayner nestled beneath the fountain.  
Location:  Corner of Main Street and Oak Street in Stayner, ON  
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013  

memorial park photoGowan Memorial Park

Nestled in the quaint community of Creemore, this park features 1 hard ball diamond and 1 minor scrub diamond, new playground equipment, a pavilion with snack bar, and the Creemore Tennis Courts. Washrooms available in the summer months. To book the pavilion, contact Dan Gowan. For access to the tennis courts contact the Creemore Tennis Club, Lawrence Bell at 466-5350.
Location:  31 Edward Street E, Creemore, ON  
Contact:  Dan Gowan  
Phone Number:  (705) 466-3000
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Ives park photoIves Park

Situated next to the Stayner Granite Club and Centennial Pool, Ives Park features a full size ball diamond for slow-pitch, tennis courts, play structures and swings.  Washrooms available in the summer months. 
Location:  247 Oak Street, Stayner, ON
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013
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legion park photoLegion Park

Legion Park is a small park with toddler and infant swings, slides and climbing structures.  The park also has a hard ball diamond for ages 12 and under.  Washroom facilities are available in the summer months.
Location:  263 Regina Street, Stayner, ON
Phone Number: (705) 428-6013
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mad river photoMad River Park

This tiny park at the corner of Mill Street and George Street is just the place to put your feet up after touring the shoppes around Creemore.  Nestled beside the Mad River, it provides residents and travellers alike with a picnic area and lots of green space. 
Location: 1 George Street, Creemore, ON 
Contact: Dan Gowan
Phone Number:  (705) 466-3000 
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McKean park photoMcKean Memorial Park

McKean Memorial Park includes beautiful new playground equipment, swings and lots of open green space.
Location: 15 Wagner Rd, Nottawa, ON 
Phone Number: (705) 428-6013 
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 New Lowell recreation park photo

New Lowell Recreation Park

New Lowell Park has many features including 1 hard ball and 1 slow-pitch diamond plus 1 practice diamond.  There is a pavilion with a covered picnic area and kitchen facility. The park also has several soccer fields and a new playground. Washroom facilities are available in the summer months. 

Location:  5212 County Rd 9, New Lowell, ON
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013
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ball diamond photo

Nottawa Ball Diamond

With a full size slow-pitch diamond, new playground equipment and a canteen, the Nottawa Ball Diamond is a great facility to host your next ball tournament.
Location:  11 Buist Street, Nottawa, ON 
Contact: Jessica Co'Dyre
Phone Number:  (705) 428-6013 ext. 1
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 station park photo

Station Park

Across from the library and centrally located in the Town of Stayner, Station Park features a beautiful Gazebo where the Stayner Chamber of Commerce hosts Music in the Park in the summer.  Surrounding the Gazebo are picnic tables, infant and toddlers swings, a water fountain and lots of shade.  

Location: 7259 Hwy 26, Stayner, ON  
Phone Number (705) 428-6013
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community park photoSinghampton Community Centre Park

At the heart of the Community, this park, which is adjacent to the community centre, is run by a group of community volunteers. 

Location: Off County Road 124 in Singhampton, ON 
Contact: Brad Brenner
Phone Number:  (705) 445-9364

train trail photoTrain Trail

As part of Clearview Township’s larger Trail Conceptual Plan, the Train Trail connects Clearview to Collingwood through Stayner with 11km of hard-packed, stone dust trail suitable for walking, running, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Access Points: Corner of Hwy 26 and Brock Street in Stayner, next to the railway. Trail connects to the Hamilton Drain Trail in Collingwood where there is a small parking area available at the water pumping station adjacent to the Pawplar Dog Park on Poplar Side Road.

Phone: 705-428-6013

Other Parks 

While the following parks, conservation areas and trails are located within Clearview Township for all to enjoy, they are maintained and/or operated by organizations outside the municipality. Information on how to contact these organizations can be found by following the links below.  

Parks & Nature Reserves 

devil's glen provincial park photo

Devil's Glen Provincial Park 

Situated on the Niagara Escarpment 518 m above sea level this park features rock outcrops, forested slopes and wetlands, and protects a geologically significant incised river valley. Meltwater from the last retreating glacier carved the steep gorge of Devil's Glen, where the Mad River now winds its irregular route. The park is gated and only accessible by foot. Camping and fires are not allowed. Access off of Highway 124 south of Duntroon, before Singhampton
This is an Ontario Provincial Park. For more information contact the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park at (705) 429-2516 or visit the Ontario Parks website at
Location:  Located between Singhampton and Glen Huron, ON  


provincial park photoNoisy River Provincial Nature Reserve

Noisy River's largely forested landscape is interrupted by a few meadows and a scenic portion of the Noisy River. Typical Niagara Escarpment features include cliffs, crevice caves, flat uplands, valley slopes and wetlands.  There are no visitor facilities, but the Bruce Trail crosses this nature reserve. The park offers good hiking and nature appreciation opportunities. Please remember that the many natural features here are vulnerable and easily damaged. Access south of Dunedin off of County Rd 9
This is an Ontario Provincial Park. For more information contact the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park at (705) 429-2516 or visit the Ontario Parks website at
Location:  Southwest of Dunedin, ON 
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nottawasaga park photoNottawasaga Lookout Provincial Park

This nature reserve provides examples of Niagara Escarpment cliff and ravine habitats, including forested slopes and wetlands. Talus slopes and cave and crevice development are also present. The reserve protects a number of rare or uncommon plant species, including an outstanding variety of ferns, some of which are restricted in their Ontario distribution to the Niagara Escarpment. No facilities are provided for visitors. Camping, off-road vehicles, mountain biking, rock climbing and hunting are not permitted. Visitors are asked to respect the sensitive Escarpment features. Access via the Bruce Trail (Singhampton Caves) northwest of Duntroon off the Osprey-Clearview Townline
This is an Ontario Provincial Park. For more information contact the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park at (705) 429-2516 or visit the Ontario Parks website at
Location:  North of Singhampton, ON    

Conservation Areas  

new Lowell conservation area photo

New Lowell Conservation Area

New Lowell is home to a beautifully kept seasonal campground and a day-use park on Silver Birch Lake. Managed privately by Jane and Willy Ivits, the day-use park comes complete with a sandy beach, picnic areas and pavilion perfect for any size function.  The Ganaraska Hiking Trail connects the park to Simcoe County’s forested area to the south.   Entrance to the park is by admission on the weekends.
Part of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, more information on this park is available on their website at
Location: Follow the Conservation signs off a County Rd 9 to 2894 Hogback Rd in the village of New Lowell, ON 
Phone Number: Seasonal Camping (705) 424-2942    

nottawasaga bluffs conservation area photoNottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area

With close to 161 hectares (400 acres) of countryside vistas, hardwood and coniferous forests, open meadows and a series of caves, the Nottawasaga Bluffs offers a full day of exploration and adventure.  Connect with the Bruce Trail as it makes its way through the property or venture down one of its side trails to catch a variety of unique features. Access 500 m left off of Nottawasaga 17/18 Sideroad east of Singhampton
Part of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, you can find more information on this park by visiting their website at
Location:  Nottawasaga 15/16 Sideroad south of Singhampton, ON   

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minesing wetlands photoMinesing Wetlands

A large natural area managed by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. You can find more information by visiting

 bruce trail photo


Bruce Trail

For more information on hiking the trail please visit the Bruce Trail Association at 

ganaraska trail photoGanaraska Trail 

For more information on hiking the Ganaraska Trail please visit


Escarpment Lands

Niagara escarpment bannerNiagara Escarpment
To learn more about the escarpment, visit the Niagara Escarpment Commission's website at 

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