Sewer Operations - Frequently Asked Questions


I am digging on my property and want to know where the sewer line is. How do I get this information and is there a charge?

Sewer Operations can have staff locate and mark your sewer service within 5 business days. Sewer locates are a free service that we offer to everyone.

What do I do in the case of a sewer line back up?

If you have water coming back up your drains (i.e. floor drain in your basement or water is not draining from all of your fixtures), you may have a blocked drain. Our crews can determine whether the blockage is in the main or in the homeowners sewer lateral. If the blockage is in the main that runs down the middle of the street, the City is responsible for clearing it. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer line (lateral) from the house to the property line. The homeowner is urged to call a plumber to perform the work if it is the homeowner’s responsibility.
To avoid risk to you, your employees and others, before cleaning a blocked sewer service line beyond the outside wall of your building contact please refer to the Enbridge Gas Distribution Brochure from Publications