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Billing and Payment - Frequently Asked Questions


How can I pay my Water & Sewer Bill?

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP). You can download the PAP forms from Applications and Forms
  • Online at your bank
  • Cash or debit in person
  • Cheque, post-dated cheque or money order
  • After-hours drop box located at the front door of the Administration Centre at 217 Gideon Street, Stayner. Please no cash.
  • Mail a cheque or money order to 217 Gideon Street, P.O. Box 200, Stayner ON, L0M 1S0. Please no cash.
* Please note there is a NSF fee of $20.00 for returned payments*

My water consumption is high, what should I do?

If you notice that your water consumption is higher than previous bills it is best to first rule out any non-visible leaks in the house. High bills are usually the result of:
  • Malfunctioning toilets (consistently running/ not shutting off; water level is set too high).
  • Leaky faucets
  • Malfunctioning sump pumps hooked to municipal water.
  • A change within the household such as new tenants, more people or visitors
  • New appliances such as a water-cooled air conditioner, dishwasher, hot water tank, heating system or lawn sprinkler system
In almost every case, the cause of the high bill can be traced back to the homeowner's plumbing.
To check if your toilet seeps, lift the lid off of the water tank, drop in some food colouring or brewed tea or coffee and come back in 20 minutes. (Don't flush the toilet while you are waiting). If colour appears in the toilet bowl, the rod-and-ball assembly or flapper needs adjustment or replacement. The homeowner is responsible for all plumbing repairs and maintenance and the City is not responsible for internal plumbing leaks.
Leaks can end up causing extremely high bills. If you are aware of any type of water leak in your house you should repair it immediately because it could save you money.

All Water passing through the meter shall be charged for whether used or wasted.

Leaks cost you money:
  • 1/16" A continuous leak creating a stream of water this size would waste 93 m³ of water.
  • 1/8" A continuous leak creating a stream of water this size would waste 372 m³ of water.
  • 1/4" A continuous leak creating a stream of water this size would waste 1491 m³ of water.
If you are aware of any type of water leak in your house you should repair it immediately because it could save you money.

When do I receive my Water & Sewer Bill?

Residents receive their Water & Sewer bills every 2 months (bi-monthly). The Township is divided into two billing periods so that not every property is being billed at the same time.
  • Bi-monthly 1
All properties in the east side of Stayner (accounts beginning with 010-019), the west side of Creemore (accounts beginning with 023-024), New Lowell and Collingwoodlands are billed in January, March, May, July, September, and November; 6 times a year.
  • Bi-monthly 2
All properties in the west side of Stayner (accounts beginning with 001-006), the east side of Creemore (accounts beginning with 021-022), Buckinghamwoods and McKean Subdivision in Nottawa are billed in February, April, June, August, October and December; 6 times a year.
 The Water and Sewer maps can be downloaded from Maps

How do I read my Water & Sewer Bill?

To view an interactive demonstration of how to read your Water & Sewer Bill click here                                                         


What if I do not pay my bill on time?

If you do not pay your Water & Sewer bill by the specified date, a one-time 5% penalty charge will be added to the overdue amount; this amount is shown on your Water & Sewer bill. At the beginning of each year, all Water & Sewer accounts that have past due amounts of 121 days or more will become eligible to have that amount transferred to the tax account. The Finance Department will notify property owner(s) in this position, and from the date of this notification they will have 21 days to pay the 121 days or more past due amount. If the account still remains unpaid after the 21 days, the amount will be transferred to the tax account and therefore subject to a penalty and interest charge of 1 ¼ % per month. For more information you can review the Delinquent Utility Bill Collection Policy under Publications

I did not receive my Water &Sewer bill, who do I contact?

If you have not received your Water & Sewer bill please contact the Finance Department at 705-428-6230 ext. 239 to ensure that our office has your proper mailing address on file. If you have a new mailing address, please contact our office as soon as possible to ensure that there is no interruption with receiving your bills.

I would like the Water & Sewer bill to go to my tenants, how do I set this up?

Water & Sewer bills will always be in the name of the registered owner(s) of the property. Our office can set up the account so that the bill goes ‘care of’ the tenant(s) at their mailing address, but the owner(s) name will always be on the bill above the ‘care of” names and address. Only one Water & Sewer bill will be sent out every two months, and if the account remains unpaid it is still the responsibility of the property owner(s). It is recommended that property owners that have their Water & Sewer bills going to the tenant(s) call our office periodically to ensure that the account remains in good standing.

I am purchasing/selling a property that is serviced with Municipal Water & Sewer. What information do I need to provide to the Township?

If you are purchasing or selling a property that is serviced by Municipal Water and or Sewer, please have the lawyer that is acting on your behalf notify our office in writing of the closing date and our office can have the water meter read on that date. All the information that is needed is within the lawyer’s letter, and if there are any further questions our office will contact the acting lawyers.

What are the Water & Sewer User rates?

By-Law 11-78 outlines the Water & Sewer User rates. The Water & Sewer Rates can be downloaded from Fees and Charges

How is my water consumption read?

We read the meters electronically by radio. That means we can do it quickly and efficiently saving time and money and do not have to go into your house to read the meter. In rare cases a water meter may not be able to produce a consumption reading. In cases such as these the water consumption is estimated based on previous usage. If a reading is estimated, the owner is contacted by the Water Department and the consumption on their bills shows an “Est.” to indicate that the water consumption is not an actual amount.

How does the Township of Clearview calculate how much to charge for Water and Sewer service?

Each of the Water and the Sewer services as a whole are self-funding. That means that the costs associated with the purification of the water and delivery of the water and the replacement and repair of the water facilities, equipment and water mains (pipes) is paid for by the water users. Similarly, the costs of the collection of the wastewater and the treatment of the wastewater and the replacement and repair of the sewer facilities, equipment and sewer mains (pipes) are paid for by the sewer users. None of the expenses for the water or wastewater comes from general property taxation. Sometimes there is a local improvement charge assessed to specific properties that are paying for specific water or sewer improvements.