Clearview Roads

 Roads Department


Roads Maintenance staff undertake preventative and safety related activities to meet the objective for the safe and efficient movement of traffic and pedestrians.

This includes such day to day activities as snow clearing, sanding and salting, grading of gravel surfaces, debris and litter removal, dust suppressant, traffic sign maintenance, line painting and vegetation control.

The Roads Maintenance staff also undertake preventative maintenance activities that protect and prolong the life of the Township's Infrastructure. These activities include asphalt patching, asphalt paving, gravel resurfacing, catch basin maintenance, and sidewalk installation and repair.

The Roads are maintained to municipal roadway service standards as stipulated under Ontario Regulation 239.

Under the control of the Roads Manager, 11 full time staff, and additional part-time staff carry out these activities.
The Township's fleet of vehicles and equipment consist of 3 motor graders, 7 - 5 and 6 ton combination plow sanding units, 2 rubber tire backhoes and associated ancillary equipment.

Road Network

The Township has approximately 529 km of roads, of which 450 km are rural and 79 km are urban.
The Township also has 74 bridge and large culvert structures in its road system.
The Township has completed a "Road Management Plan 2007 to 2017" which is intended to:
  • Provide a clear definition and inventory of the road and bridge/culvert system 
  • Identify deficiencies in the road and bridge/culvert system and provide an estimate of the costs to improve the deficiencies.
  • Provide a recommended ten-year program for construction to address the deficiencies
The Road Management Plan 2007 to 2016 can be downloaded from Publications
The Stayner and Area Transportation Plan can be downloaded from Publications