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Community Planning

The land use planning process aims to balance the interests of individual property owners with the wider needs and objectives of the community. 

Our municipal planners deal with issues ranging from severances to subdivisions, cultural to natural heritage, and commercial to industrial developments.  Good planning contributes greatly to the long term, orderly growth and efficient use of land and services.

Planning Application Forms

The Official Plan 

The Official Plan (OP) is a policy document with objectives and policies to guide the management, planning and development of all lands within the Township of Clearview.
The policies of the OP are implemented by the Zoning By-law and Site Plan control as well as by guidelines, processes and projects of the municipality.
The Official Plan for the Township of Clearview outlines a 20 year plan for residential, commercial, and industrial growth and the protection of our natural heritage and culture in a responsive and pro-active management approach. Official Plan > 

The Comprehensive Zoning By-law  


The zoning by-law is the document that establishes permitted uses and development standards for specific areas or “zones”.

A zoning by-law is a regulatory document that provides the municipality with a way to control land uses, prevent incompatible uses, and establish appropriate standards and requirements for development.
Each zone contains a list of uses permitted and associated standards related to minimum lot size, setbacks from lot lines, and building height and size. The by-law also contains general provisions relating to common standards such as legal non-conforming uses, accessory buildings, parking and landscaping. Zoning by-law >

Plans of Subdivision and Condominium

subdivision photo
To subdivide land, you need approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium from the Township of Clearview.

The Subdivision approval process ensures that important public interest issues have been considered. This include the suitability of the land for the purposes that it is being subdivided for; the dimensions and shapes of the proposed lots; the adequacy of utilities and municipal services; and compatibility with existing uses on all adjoining lands. Subdivision and Condominium >

 Visit our new Subdivision Application and Administration website a comprehensive source of information concerning the subdivision process.


Consent is a term used to describe the municipal approval required to subdivide land without the requirement of a Plan of Subdivision. Consent is primarily used to sever an existing lot into one or two parcels and is limited to the creation of one or two lots.

The consent process may be also used to add lands to an existing lot, alter lot boundaries, or to obtain approval for long-term land leases. Consent >

Minor Variance

A minor variance is a site specific exception to the requirements of the Zoning By-law. It does not amend the Zoning By-law.

A minor variance may be approved if:

- The general intent of the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law are maintained;
- The development permitted by the variance will be appropriate;
- The variance is desirable for the appropriate development of the site;
- There are no detrimental impacts to neighbouring properties and land uses and,
- The variance is minor.

Site Plan Approval

Site Plan Approval is an essential component of the development review and approval process for major new development and is intended to complement the objectives of the Official Plan and the requirements of the Zoning By-law.

The implementation of site plan control enables the municipality to ensure that all new developments will be designed in accordance with the guidelines set out by municipal regulations and policies. Under the Planning Act, the public is not involved in the site plan approval process.

Township of Clearview Site Plan Control By-law 07-17 designates lands within its municipal boundaries as being subject to site plan control in accordance with a series of land use designations. Site Plan FAQ >

Filling and Grading

construction photoAll grading and filling activities in the Township are subject to guidelines and permitting requirements. All ponds construction and maintenance activities require approval from the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA).


Grading associated with building permits, subdivisions, and site plan approvals are exempt from municipal drading approval. Grading associated with normal agricultural practices and minor landscaping activities which do not alter drainage are also exempt from municipal approval. Exemptions do not apply where lands are located in Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority regulated fill areas and permits must be obtained. Grading FAQ >

For an application for a permit from the Conservation Authority please contact NVCA at 

Special Projects

Children's Outdoor Charter

The Township of Clearview supports the Ontario Children's Outdoor Charter, and has adopted its own Charter which encourages all children to enjoy and recognize the social, physical, mental, environmental and community benefits derived from learning and playing in nature. Children's Outdoor Charter more information

Downtown Stayner Walkability Study

As the first step in a broader community study regarding active living and walking and cycling opportunities in the community of Stayner, Clearview is seeking community input on walkability in downtown Stayner.  We are interested in learning more about how you feel about walking, accessibility and pedestrian and cycling facilities in downtown Stayner.  Please take the time to complete our online walkability survey.  Alternatively you can complete our  pdf version of walkability survey.

Growth Management

As the first phase of the Official Plan Review, a series of meetings were held to obtain input from the public regarding the growth and development of our communities. The input was used to form the document “Directions for Growth: A Growth Plan for Clearview 2009-2031 which was endorsed by Council. Directions for Growth can be downloaded from Publications.

The reports, council resolutions and the Land Budget related to the Growth Management process can be downloaded from Publications

Official Plan Review

The Township of Clearview is developing a new Official Plan to guide growth and development for the next 20 years. Staff are currently awaiting population allocations from the Province and County. Further public meetings will be held to obtain input for the development of a new official plan in 2011.
For more information about this initiative please click Planning Clearview. 

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