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Community Planning

Welcome to the Planning Section of the Township of Clearview website.

Access to information and the process, and engaged involvement, are important to good community planning.  We have created a new website to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about and become involved in planning.  Applicants will find out about the process as well as being able to access forms and make submissions.  The public will now have in-depth access to information about development proposals as well as general planning matters.

Planning Website:

Special Projects

Children's Outdoor Charter

The Township of Clearview supports the Ontario Children's Outdoor Charter, and has adopted its own Charter which encourages all children to enjoy and recognize the social, physical, mental, environmental and community benefits derived from learning and playing in nature. Children's Outdoor Charter more information

Downtown Stayner Walkability Study

As the first step in a broader community study regarding active living and walking and cycling opportunities in the community of Stayner, Clearview is seeking community input on walkability in downtown Stayner.  We are interested in learning more about how you feel about walking, accessibility and pedestrian and cycling facilities in downtown Stayner.  Please take the time to complete our online walkability survey.  Alternatively you can complete our  pdf version of walkability survey.

Official Plan Review

The Township of Clearview is developing a new Official Plan to guide growth and development for the next 20 years. Staff are currently awaiting population allocations from the Province and County. Further public meetings will be held to obtain input for the development of a new official plan in 2015/16.