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What are the tax rates?

The current Municipal, County and Education tax rates for each property tax class are shown in the following document: 
2017 Tax Rates.pdf - Download

Property Tax Bill

The Property Tax Bill is made up of three main components: Education Taxes, County of Simcoe Taxes and Municipal Township Taxes

 Property Tax Bill - Frequently Asked Questions                                             

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans

Pursuant to the Assessment Act, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Act, the Township requires a "Letter of Authorization" to be completed before verbally releasing, free of charge, the same assessment related information that an owner or an agent acting on behalf of the owner could obtain from viewing the property assessment roll books or from contacting MPAC directly.
The Letter of Authorization and Pre-Authorized Forms can be downloaded from  Applications and Forms.

Resolving Assessment Concerns 

Accurate assessed values are the cornerstone of the property tax system.  The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses over 4.4 million properties in Ontario. 
To test your assessed value, ask yourself if you could sell your property for its assessed value. If your answer is "yes" your assessed value is accurate.
If your answer is "no" you can:
1.    Ask MPAC to review your property's assessed value
2.    File a Request for Reconsideration with the Assessment Review Board
The Request for Reconsideration Form can be downloaded from Applications and Forms.
You may also contact MPAC offices at (705) 728-3572 or 1-866-296-6722,

Tax Sale

If property taxes remain unpaid for a specific period of time, the Municipal Act, 2001 governs the circumstances under which the property may be sold by Clearview. For general information on Tax Sales and information on upcoming tax sales visit Tax Sale.


Budget documents are available to view online at Budget    

Printed versions of the Budget Brochure are available in the Administration Centre at 217 Gideon Street in Stayner as well as in the Creemore, Stayner, and New Lowell Library Branches.  

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements

The Audited Financial Statements represent a financial snapshot of the books of the accounts at year end and financial summary of the operations of the Municipality. 
The Audited Financial Statements can be downloaded from Publications


While the primary goal of the Current Value Assessment & Taxation System is fairness, since 1997 much energy has been applied by the Province to mitigate excessive increases generated by the tranisition to full CVA Taxation.

Tax protection measures, prescribed in Ontario Regulation 73/03 of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended, include the mandatory capping of tax increases for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. 


Section 300 of the Municipal Act, 2001 requires that municipalities provide notice to the public on improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their service delivery. Municipalities are also required to report on barriers to achieving these improvements.

Section 300 reports allow municipalities to share their successes in improving services for Ontarians and the exchange of good ideas and best practices.

The Municipal Performance Measures Program (MPMP) is a Provincial initiative introduced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and includes both efficiency and effectiveness measures.

Efficiency measures indicate the amount of staff time and money used to deliver a service while effectiveness measures indicate the extent to which a service is achieving its intended results.

The Reports on Program Results can be downloaded from Publications