Clerks office

Clerk's Office

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the statutory duties of the municipal clerk, including the Vital Statistics Act, Marriage Act, Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as well as various other pieces of legislation. This Office also manages the Township’s records; conducts municipal elections and acts as secretariat to Council and its committees.

Pamela Fettes
Director, Legislative Services/Clerk  
705-428-6230 ext. 224
Brenda Falls
Deputy Clerk
705-428-6230 ext. 223

Sarah Tuck
Records Management Coordinator
705-428-6230 ext. 246

Cayla Reimer
Committee Coordinator
705-428-6230 ext. 254

Life Event Certificates

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are issued by the Province of Ontario. Forms can be completed on-line. For more information, please visit the Province of Ontario’s website as per the links below.
Death Certificate            
Marriage Certificate       

Commissioner of Oath Services
Rubber stamp

A Commissioner is a person authorized by the Province of Ontario to take oaths or declarations when you sign an affidavit or statutory declaration. The Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Treasurer and Records Management Coordinator are Commissioners for taking Affidavits in the Township of Clearview. The authority is conferred by the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act.

Please be advised that the Commissioner is not responsible for the content of the affidavit; it is the responsibility of the person whose signature is being commissioned (the deponent). The deponent must understand not only the details to which he or she will attest but also the fact that he or she is swearing an oath that the details are correct.

Requirements for Commissioning

In order to have a document commissioned all parties required to sign the document must be present and must provide valid photo identification.

The Commissioner will first review the document to determine if the document meets their specification. We reserve the right to refuse commissioning services of any document.

Documents that are in any language other than English will not be commissioned, as we cannot validate the information that is sworn. There will be no exceptions to this policy. 

Please note that a Commissioner for taking Affidavits is not the same as a Notary Public. A Notary Public is a person who is authorized under the Notaries Act to commission documents, certify documents as true copies to verify signatures. The requirements to become a Notary Public are more stringent than for a Commissioner and most are lawyers or judicial officers. If you require a document to be “notarized” as opposed to “commissioned”, the person administering the oath or affidavit generally is a lawyer.

As Commissioners we do NOT certify true copies of documents. This service can be provided by a Notary Public.

Schedule an Appointment

The Township of Clearview commissions documents free of charge to its residents. Non-residents are charged a flat rate of $15.00 per visit.

To set up an appointment, please contact Clerks Office at (705) 428-6230 ext. 223

Municipal Freedom of Information Requests

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) allows access to records held by the municipality in accordance with the following principles:
  • Information should be made available to the public;
  • Individuals should have access to their own personal information;
  • Exceptions to access should be limited and specific;
  • The privacy of individuals with respect to the personal information the municipality collects and maintains shall be protected; and
  • Decisions on the disclosure of government information may be reviewed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner.
MFIPPA Request Form                               

Deputation to Council
Writing pad and pen

Deputations and those wishing to present on a matter may address Council by requesting, in writing by Monday 12:00 noon, one week prior to the scheduled Council Meeting. Requests can be made to the Clerk's Department - Brenda Falls, Deputy Clerk (705) 428-6230 ext. 223 or Please see the below Guideline for making Deputations and Request Form for more information.

Municipally Significant Events/Special Occasion Permits

By-Law 14-56 delegates powers and administrative duties to the Clerk to designate Municipally Significant Events in the Township of Clearview. Applications for Municipally Significant Events are issued only for public events as described by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission in their Application for a Special Occasion Permit Guideline.  For more information regarding Municipally Significant Events and the Township's Application Form, please contact Brenda Falls, Deputy Clerk (705) 428-6230 ext. 223 or  

Lottery Licensing

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario regulates Charitable Lottery Licensing for the province.
The Order in Council provides municipalities with licensing authority for:
  • Break Open Tickets for local organizations; and 
  • Raffle and Blanket Lotteries for total prizes of $50,000 and under
For more information please click on the link below:

Lottery Licensing Policy Manual - Summer 2015 Update 

To obtain a Lottery License, please contact Brenda Falls at (705) 428-6230 ext. 223

Tile Drain Loans

The Tile Loan Program, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs under the Tile Drainage Act, provides loans to agricultural property owners to help them finance tile drainage projects.

How Can I Apply for a Loan

To start the loan process, fill out the Drainage Loan Application Form (applications must be made on the prescribed form) and return to the Municipal Office to the attention of Brenda Falls, Deputy Clerk (705) 428-6230 ext. 223 or Applications must be submitted to Council for approval. 

Tile Drainage Loan Process

Once Council approves the application, the owner arranages to have the work completed by a licensed tile drainage contractor (work must be performed by a contractor licensed under the Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act). The Owner must arrange to have the municipality inspect the work by contacting Gerry LeMay, General Manager of Roads and Drainage (705) 428-6230 ext. 230 or 

Currently Clearview Township does not charge a fee for this service. Invoices must be submitted to the Municipal Office when the tile drainage has been completed. A sketch showing the extent of tiling must accompany the invoices. The municipality will prepare loan documents to send to OMAFRA in the amount of the loan.

Terms of the Loan

The term of the loan is 10 years and the repayment is due annually with your property tax instalments. The interest rate for the loans issued under this program is currently at 6%, fixed for the 10-year term of the loan. Interest is compounded annually, and the loan can be paid off at any time without penalty.

Note: Financial terms and conditions are subject to change and should be confirmed with the municipality at date of application.

Loan Limit: A Ministry policy limits the amount of loan available to a farmer each year. The policy reads as follows:

“The sum of all loans issued in any fiscal year, to an individual, as an individual, or in his role in a partnership or corporation shall not exceed $50,000.00. Therefore, farmers may obtain a loan for the lesser of: (a) amount applied for by the farmer; (b) 75% of the value of the tile drainage work performed; or (c) $50,000.00. "

For detailed information of the Tile Loan Program visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s Drainage page:


What is an Encroachment?

An encroachment is defined as being any portion of a building, structure, fence, parking, driveway, etc. which extends onto Township property. 

Clearview Township has established a Corporate Encroachment Agreement Policy for processing encroachment applications and enforcing encroachment agreements.

Application and Approval Process

A property owner shall submit the completed Encroachment Application Form along with the required fee to the Clerk’s Office. The encroachment application form will then be circulated to applicable Clearview departments for comment. The application will be assessed for any concerns addressed by staff. The Clerk’s Office will prepare a report and by-law for Council’s consideration.

Application does not necessarily mean an encroachment agreement will be granted.

Subject to Council approval, the property owner shall enter into an encroachment agreement with the municipality.

For further details, please contact Brenda Falls, Deputy Clerk at (705) 428-6230 ext. 223 or 

Municipal Election

Municipal elections take place every four years. The next election will be in October 2018.